Which panel model does ES07D03 have?


I know that the ES07D03 does have a LG Display panel, but is it the same panel as the 27GN950 have or as the 27GP950?

And I know that ‘everybody’ on the internet says both LG monitors have the same panel, but that’s not the case. Because on Rtings you can see that they have a different coating.
Therefore I’ve asked Rtings to check the panels in these monitors. Their answer: ‘‘For the GN, it’s ‘LM270W8-SSA1’ and for the GP it’s LM270WR8-SSA1.’’

So which panel does the Eve have?

Are there other monitors out there using these panels?

Yes. LG makes our display panel, and also uses it in their own monitors. Model 1 uses the same panel as LG’s 27GL850; model 3 uses the same panel as the LG 27GN950. Though these monitors share the same display panel, they do not offer the same feature set as Spectrum.

You can find the original answer over here:


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There seems to be a character missing from the GN screen’s part number.

If you look at this list of LG panels (27", 4K) you’ll notice that all of the part numbers have the format: LM270Wxx-yyyy. There’s always 2 characters between the W and the - in the part number. The GN screen’s part number only has 1 character here: 8.

Looking at that list (which is highly likely not to be a complete list), there’s only 1 part number that ends in 8-SSA1, and that’s LM270WR8-SSA1. Which means it’s likely that both displays are actually using the same panel.

I don’t know enough to talk about the supposed difference in coatings. It’s possible that the coating can be applied separately, perhaps?

Good observation, that could be the case. Thank you for sorting out!

Rtings made a typo, they forgot to type the R for the GN … So now we have a confirmation that it is the same panel.