Which model for light to medium video editing (mainly HD, seldom 4k)

my first plan was to use the eve as an additional PC to my full-sized Lenovo W541.

But I am thinking more and more to use the eve as my main machine.

So I will use it for video editing as well (only small projects in the moment HD only…but 4k is on the horizon…

Will the i5 16GB is sufficient?
Or is the i7 mandatory?

Best. F.

Nothing is mandatory, but for any professional video editing you should always take the highest model, unless your time is free :wink:


Or you add an eGPU for the heavy workload.

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The differences between the i5y and i7y are marginal. So, I wouldn’t lose that much sleep. But if you do have the money to spare and want to shave off a bit of time for encoding then go for it. Personally, I would just get the i5 and max out the ram.

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I5 is powerful enough for editing some 4K-videos. Remember that 4K-videos usually are space-wasters, so if you don’t have an external storage-drive, I recommend buying the model with 512GB-SSD :wink:

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I go with @dartarian1. So for the gap between the I5 and the I7 it might be a good Idea to buy an eGPU card if you are editing videos more often. I think that the difference between the two processors won’t never ever make that much difference than using the eGPU power for encoding Videos.

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