Where's Everyone From?

I’m curious to know where most of the EVE family is from!

Indicate in which continent you are located

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Other (Australia, South America, Africa)

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Think about allowing multiple choices. We might have some mixed people who would check multiple options :smile:

And “other” is kind of a large part of the world.


For reference, here’s a thread from a few months back that provided a lot of similar info, cool to see the map:



Yet it has 0 ‘votes’ :sweat_smile:


I voted because I am not mapped in “Worldwide map of V backers”. The map tells us how V is universally attractive. Map will be much more crowded and more world wide now.

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Multiple choice: yes, b/c I do not live in the country from which I am :wink: Which one do I choose to vote? The one I live in or the one I came from? :blush:
I am not a backer either, so I am not on that interesting original map. (I wish I could zoom in more).

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Did you leave out UK because you’re not happy with Brexit?

They can’t in all honesty say they’re still part of Europe.

And Other is a relatively poor representation of the rest of the world.

From the U.S but living in China

From Pakistan but living in America nearly my whole life. Visited a couple of times. Love my family.

Born and raised in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, now living in Alberta, Canada.

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Having multiple choice would skew the results. I have since edited the post to clarify that you should indicate where you are LOCATED.

I left out UK because they are not yet a continent of their own. I’ve made options that would best reflect where the MAJORITY of community members are located.

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Actually the UK has been a continent for possibly hundreds of millions of years or more.

They are yet to formalise and finalise their exit from the European Union.
But they have been and always will be a continent.

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Not sure where you got that information, but as far as I know, the 7 continents are:

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Asia
  4. Europe
  5. Africa
  6. Australia
  7. Antarctica

They are not a geographical continent, nor are they classified as one.


Proud European here living in the UK! Interesting to think that just 8,000 or so years ago Britain was not cut off by the sea from the European mainland.

Haha :joy:

They are not a continent as you correctly stated.

I had just surmised that you somehow you thought the UK could become a continent rather than an island, since you had said:-
I left out UK because they are not yet a continent of their own.

Perhaps after Brexit the UK will become “Incontinent”.


:sweat_smile:You have to scroll to the very bottom of the “page” to find us becuase we aussie’s live in the “land Down Under”. @Masters888


Germany really is on board with the V :open_mouth: Same for the Netherlands and Austria


Am I the only one from Romania :persevere: ?

France for me!

Netherlands here.

@Difripps And dont look at it like being lonely in Romania…
Treat it as it as if you have a national exclusive!