Where we are at - May 2023

Where we are at

Hi there, community!

We are finally in the month of May. Our last recap was in February and admittedly things have been moving at a slow pace. While there are updates being given out as part of the original February recap, we thought it would be nice to compile it up until now and present to you guys what we are facing currently so we can set fair expectations for everyone.

Spectrum OLED development update

Spectrum OLED continues its development with some updates in the past weeks. Expect the first sample (mock-up) unit to be ready soon in the upcoming topic! You can check the development updates here. We expect to have the first sample unit to be ready by next week. Stay tuned for the update!


Now, let’s get to the shipping. Currently, we have two models that are the main focus of the effort: ES07DC9 and ES07D02. Our logistics team is working diligently to get all orders shipped out. Once your order is shipped, you will be contacted via email to confirm your shipping address. From there, your order will be handed over for delivery.

Both models are shipping gradually to our customers in our backlog. We currently have more ES07DC9 units compared to ES07D02 in circulation. In the coming weeks, we will have more shipments to our US warehouse to balance out the number of units we have.

We thank you for your continued patience as we continue to fulfill orders currently on the backlog.

EU shipping

While there is no significant update yet for EU shipping, our logistics team is working with the officials to have the units cleared to enter the region. Expect more news coming this month, and we will let you guys know as soon as we have stock available in the region.

Update: We are now shipping in the EU! Same as how it is in the US, we are now working on getting the units shipped for last-mile delivery ASAP.

Spectrum now selling on Amazon US!

Another effort we are doing to have our products more widely available, so they can be enjoyed by more people at their convenience. To do so, we have been working on having it available on third-party sites such as Amazon. Currently, we are out of stock, and based on the latest update, we expect to have it resolved by next week.

Now, we are aware that we still have a backlog of orders to be fulfilled and some of you expressed concern about whether we have enough stock. We have a number of units being allocated as part of the deal with Amazon and it is being shipped as part of a separate batch. Even so, we still have more than enough units to fulfill current pending orders, so stock is not an issue.

Missing account on the website

We dealt with some issues with the old website domain in the past month which caused many (not all) users to not be able to log in to their accounts. As a solution, we were able to migrate the database to the new domain.

For those affected, please try intl.dough.tech or eu.dough.tech (for EU orders only). If no account was found, you can proceed with creating a new one under the same e-mail address you registered. Your orders should be updated as soon as the account is remade.

That concludes the update for now! Feel free to drop your comment below!

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“While there is no significant update yet for EU shipping” this is unacceptable. I been waiting for my order since 11mars 2022

“Expect more news coming this month” so you are saying more news will come in less then a week and a couple of days

Not even a mention of the other monitors?


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Does this mean I finally get my order fulfilled from 2021?

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Why does the email suggest that EU shipping is occurring now whereas this post seems to imply that there has been no progress at all?


Why does the company continue to post about new monitors and new places to shop and all this availability when they continue to screw over all of those who pre ordered 2+ years ago, haven’t received any monitor, and still haven’t received our refunds?

The absolute audacity of this company advertising “new monitors available for shipping now” while they completely screw over all the people who funded this whole operation is disgusting beyond belief. Time and time again folks have asked for their orders, asked for status updates, asked for refunds and they continue to get nothing. What’s worse, when asked about just getting one of these supposedly immediately available monitors for shipping we stop getting responses from customer support? What’s really going on here?


4k glossy ordered October 26 2022, finally received email confirming shipping address March 15 2023, should i just give up my hopes of ever getting this monitor or am i supposed to wait patiently like your support staff email suggests? lol

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I’d say this is promising but past results have varied. @Cas - please continue putting a monthly update out, each and every month, regardless of whether Eve / Dough perceive progress is occurring or not. February to May is a bit of a joke.

Also - a delivery view by distribution region (EU / US / UK) would also be helpful and inspire some confidence our purchases are not just floating around in customs (which is my suspicion why so many are held up)

Maybe Dough should consider applying for AEO status - this would substantially reduce customs delays across the EU.


@Cas I think the thing that is on a lot of our minds (and a fact that is now confirmed by your above post) is that new customers through Amazon are receiving their orders practically over night (and for a lower price than some of us paid) while most of our pre-orders are still unfulfilled.

We pre-ordered these monitors both to help fund your project and to ensure that we could get our monitors before the general public. Your company has violated our trust by doing this without at least acknowledging why we’re upset.

I think a simple message discussing the reason for this would have put many of us at ease. Something like:

“We realize this isn’t what you signed up for, but the cost of the additional development time was too great, and we think that by offering our monitors immediately through a trusted retailer, we can get enough capital to ensure that all of your orders are produced shortly thereafter. We understand this isn’t ideal, but we hope that you can appreciate how this course of action with a small batch of our monitors will help fulfill the rest of your orders in a timely manner.”

That’s it. I think that would have appeased me. I think I would have been disappointed but not felt betrayed or dismissed. The company policy of ignoring this issue over the last few months has been the only thing to sour my feelings over our business-customer relationship. Everything that preceded was stuff I could patiently endure, but this is the thing that upset me.

All I’m asking is to be treated with a little empathy and acknowledgement. I don’t think you were personally at fault, but this was a non-negligible misstep on behalf of your company.