Where are the glossy monitors?

Where the F*** are these monitors? You are supposedly selling them on your own store and on Amazon. But mine that I preordered is not shipped? Dough how do you continually make your customers pissed off? How can you mess up again and again? Please send me my monitor that has been paid in full for over a year. Atleast reply to my f******* emails


Still waiting for getting on for 4 months now for a refund that I was assured was going to be paid by finance over a month ago now. As Head & Team Lead of Customer Service, where’s my refund @Aethel ?


still waiting… ordered march 2022, not even a tracking number @Aethel


How is it possible that I am able to buy one on Amazon and get it within a few days, but my preorder from one year ago is nowhere to be found? Please explain why that stock isn’t being used to fulfill the orders of people who preordered.


Been waiting for years to get this monitor and now people can just buy it but I’m still waiting? Other folks can’t get their refunds? Yeah I’m thinking a lawyer might need to get involved at this point.


Paid my two matte monitors over a year ago and now you make and advertise for Amazon? Hope you get review bombed till the dark age…

Aja btw still waiting for my fucking monitors…

PS: amazon is only allowing confirmed orders for comment because of strange reports till now! GJ point proved dough (eve).


I noticed about a week ago that the monitors were on Amazon. Now I get an email saying so. And I’m still waiting for mine I ordered 2 years ago (updated to Glossy 1 year ago). When I send emails all I get is “we’d love nothing more than to get you your tracking”. I CANNOT understand how someone new could hop on right now and have a monitor shipped to them in 2 DAYS when the ones who PREPAID that long ago still have nothing. AND the cherry on top is that those who go now and buy from Amazon don’t even need to pay shipping!!! It’s baffling!


Absolutely outrageous. The email is a huge finger to those that paid the full price and are waiting for months. Meanwhile Dough is ignoring the whole situation and the best they can do is stating there is “some movement”


Are the monitors realy shipped within two days?

I thougt about rasing a support ticket on amazon to inform them about the practives of dough
but thats not realy usefull when they are able to deliever the monitors for amazon buyers within a few days


Still waiting for glossy 280 hz to even be developed.


Even worse if you received the email as a UK customer when it’s only available within the US.


Ordered my 4K glossy October 2022 and confirmed my shipping address March 15 2023 and still no tracking number or shipping confirmation email what is goin on? @Aethel @Cas

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Eve Backer here and tracking this Company since 2018. You guys have been probably scammed, please Report it to your Credit Card Company!

This Company does it all the times and rebrands themself. Go look for Eve Tech on Trustpilot, you will see alot of burnd Customers there. Even my Tablet broke down after 6 Monts of usage, the Display Ribbon inside disconnected. The Company was honest at some point, but then later started to do shady stuff.

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I’m also one of those victims and very confused when I saw ads that says available on amazon. I’ve been trying to reach customer service but it’s always ignored when I ask for my order.

Ordered an Eve… uh I mean “Dough”… on June 2022 with absolutely no emails or updates sent since the initial order confirmation email (Well except for emails advertising the OLED model). Even when ordering the monitor then I was highly doubtful of the “July 2022” ship date posted on the site and said to myself “I’m probably not getting this thing until the end of the year” and watched with much amusement at the estimated ship date get pushed back on the site 1 month each time with every month that passed. July, then August, then September, then October, and so on. How did I have a more realistic idea about ship dates than the company themselves? It appears this company has dealt with years of unfortunate obstacles with their shipping partners and manufacturing partners and I feel for them, but that’s why it’s baffling to me how they are still way too optimistic on manufacturing and shipping estimates they continue to post - I can’t imagine the estimated ship times continuously and predictably failing to land being beneficial or encouraging for people who ordered.

Now it is nearly a year since I’ve ordered the monitor. Still nothing. I’ve been pretty patient but check in here from time to time for updates and the whole thing is honestly incredibly mind-boggling to say the least.

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It’s not due to bad luck - don’t fool yourself

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It seems the 280hz, matte and glossy, are on the backburner, my posts asking for info have been silenced. No solid info for close to 5 months now even though many backers have paid in full, including myself in Jan 2022.

Focus has turned to the OLED to bring in a host of new backers. Shame really, as I have been using the 4k model close to two years and it’s been very solid.

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