Where are our machines?

Delivery was only a week away. That was over a week ago.

Where are our machines?

Are they on a plane?

Why have our AfterShip Tracking numbers not had a status update? Does that mean the machines are still stuck in Shanghai?

Communication please!

When will Eve realise that news, even bad news is infinitely better than NO News?


By “update”, do you mean you got a tracking number for your V already? I haven’t seen one.

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If you have been given a tracking number, that implies that we no longer have your device and that it is to be delivered by a carrier. Is the last location of your package Shanghai?

You’re being a little vague so I want to know if I’m understanding this correctly.

EDIT: aftership tracking numbers aren’t “delivery” shipping numbers and are rather used to show the status of your device. If it says that it hasn’t been shipped yet, that means that there isn’t a delivery tracking number associated with it to actually track the location because it hasn’t been shipped yet.

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I received an AfterShip tracking number the day or day after I paid in full for my V2 in Sept 2021. It’s been sitting in “To be shipped” ever since.


This was posted in the Project V development area. This is not about monitor shipments. We want to know where our Eve V tablets are. We should not have to keep begging for updates in this forum or wait six months between timeline update emails to be told what is going on with our $1000+ purchases

TL;DR – According to Eve, delivery should begin the week of May 9 2022.

While I hope that is true, I’m not convinced. Eve’s track record with delivering the Eve V 2020 has not been great thus far.

Late 2020, pre-orders went live with an expected ship date of Q3 2021.
September 2021, balance payments opened (the last month of Q3 2021).
Mid October 2021, we’re told that due to power cuts V shipments were delayed until “end of November 2021.”
Late December 2021, in the Awaiting the Signal topic we’re told that the assembly factory is overloaded and Eve is still waiting on an assembly spot.
Late January 2022, Kirill told us that the production was scheduled for “21st-25th of February with shipping commencing by the 2nd week of March. Once dispatched your order is estimated to take 3-7days to arrive to your chosen delivery address.” Obviously that did not happen.
March 4 2022, in the QA Testing Tour thread ReignDespair said that “we expect shipping to commence this month as planned; everything is currently on schedule.”
March 24 2022, apparently everything wasn’t on schedule. The QC testing topic tells us that the tablets are not ready as they need another round of testing with Brillante, then they move onto packaging and shipping.
Late March 2022, Shanghai lockdowns begin.
April 6 2022, nkyadav tells us that the Shanghai lockdowns are causing more delays.

Side note: shout out to nkyadav for actually conversing with us throughout April. This is probably the best communication Eve has done regarding Eve V availability, ever.

April 22 2022, ReignDespair is back in the packaging topic and tells us “We have been able to arrange an alternative process where we will be airfreight shipping V units in bulk to our regional locations”. ReignDespair continues “we can currently estimate that couriers will begin collecting orders regionally within the next 14 days”
May 3 2022, in the QC testing topic Cas tells us that “Unfortunately, there has been a delay of around a week due to unforeseen complications. Based on this, last mile delivery of these orders should commence sometime next week.” What is this latest complication? How likely is it that there will be more unforeseen complications? We don’t know and Eve wont elaborate despite requests to do so.

May 7 2022, 15 days after ReignDespair’s post, 4 days since Cas’s post, over 7 months since we paid for these tablets, and we still don’t have them. I understand that a lot has happened over the last 18 months and Eve has had to deal with issues it can’t control, but the ongoing large gaps in communication (including most requests for information on this forum going unanswered) are inexcusable.

Eve, we’ve been plenty patient. How about you give us some specifics?

  1. How many regional shipments have left Shanghai and how many more are waiting?
  2. What is the timeline for each of those regional shipments to arrive in their destination region?
  3. How long after those regional shipments are received will it take to forward the tablets to those that ordered them.
  4. What percentage of pre-orders are covered by those regional shipments?
  5. If its not 100%, then how long will some people still be waiting for their Eve Vs?

I am a very patient EVE customer, I have not complained so far, I am waiting because I have no practical reasons, my EVE V1 still works (except for the keyboard, of course). If EVE V2 gets to me, it will probably be the last product I ordered from EVE. I also have experience with other crowdfunding groups, but EVE with its EVE V2 is one of the worst so far, unfortunately.


What’s going on?


@nkyadav Can you kick some heads please and get some blood out of the stone?

I ordered mine on May 3.
My payment is complete, but my shipping info is not updated.
When will my monitor arrive?
I am very anxious.

Hello Rockman and welcome to the community.

The EVE V is currently on preorder and will likely ship soon. The most up to date information we have is that it will start shipping in May, which is the same thing it says on our website. Have you already paid the full price and gotten confirmation that your device is ready to be shipped or just the preorder payment?

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I have been patient, understanding, disappointed, and mostly pissed but overall resigned. As far as I know and having no contact or delivery numbers for the V my only recourse is to resign myself to just taking a monetary hit. I am just glad that I didn’t buy into the monitor but waited on the V before committing.

Hi @sr20,
I would not dare criticize EVE if I did not do everything on my part, especially.
The pictures in my e-mail from EVE show that I paid for everything. I received this e-mail on September 3, 2021.

eve-v2-2022-05-09 08-10-38
eve-v2-2022-05-09 08-11-40

It would be nice from the moment we paid for the devices, we can see what is the progress or status of the assembly till the devices get shipped. If the plant or factory gets shut because of covid it will show up to.

Hi @BA,

I completely understand your point. While at the moment we cannot integrate the updates directly with the order number, we have newsletters that are being sent to those who placed an order.

Newsletters contain updates to our projects, which contains the link directly to the topic we post here in the community. Within the topic, we share how far we are with the projects and other stuff behind the scenes.

In case you are curious what the past topics were, this is some of what we have on the V 2021:

For Spectrum, we have a “hub” topic and you can find the project updates here:

This was written 17 days ago.

What happened with this? Where’s the follow up?


Where are our machines?

You made promises to early backers.

You took our money 9 MONTHS ago.


Other than @nkyadav is there anyone there with any scruples?


I ordered mine on april 3, and paid the full price, i patiently wait for this month and see what happens.


Same situation here. the 4K monitor should have been shipped since January, according to eve’s website information. Almost 6 MONTHS later, no monitor, no forecast. Very weak supply chain. I want this monitor but they don’t want to sell it.

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Apgray Have you requested for your money back? When I purchased mine one it says will be shipped between 7-10days. And thats from April3. I understand because of the situation of the covid in china and that is no good. For me when they say 7-10days to ship its a promise they should deliver. I can be patient, but to a point. For me I would like to ask to get my money back, because now I feel like I cant wait any longer.

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For me, the best indication that the community and Eve are out of step, and the community, as a sweeping generalization, are frustrated by the state of communication from Eve is the number of threads here discussing the delay and people desperately looking for updates. I was an Executive at Dell, and before that at IBM. BY now we’d have assigned a single point person to communicated, and that person would be giving daily updates after we’d had internal discussion about what the update should be, even when it was “we have no update today.”

At some point soon I assume Eve will have machines in transit that have already been subject to refunds that creates a mess for everyone. Time for crisis management. I ordered my Eve V because it had every opportunity to be a ground breaking product, that window has passed. I’m staying on now just to see how this mess is handled.