When will the next project start to be created

The eve v will be coming out soon and I am very exited. But obviously I am very exited to work on the next project. Their have been a few post on this but they don’t talk about when we will actually start creating and putting idea to together in to a project. Does anyone have an idea on when this will official start?

I think for now the entire team (keep in mind it’s a small company still) is focused on bringing out the V and launching it on a larger scale, beyond just the IGG orders. So I can’t give you a timeframe, but it won’t be that soon.


k how can the community help with the launch I would love to help

As benej98 did point out, the team is busy with Eve V for the moment. But the community is not resting, have a look in the ongoing What’s Next? topics to find out what is living in the community, and join discussions if you want


I hope the team afterwards first focuses on further improving Eve, by bringing e.g. the LTE version or useful accessories :grin:

Well, it would be great if they improve on the V, but even LTE wouldn’t give me a quad core surface book smasher. So I am hoping on a second product in their line up that can provide performance instead of just a m7 dual core. What I think is that they could do an Eve V update later on, just like how microsoft did update the surface pro (tweaks where needed, newest generation cpu etc) and still have time to get the second product in the line-up going