When will I get an Eve Spectrum if I order today?

I need a new monitor and the Eve Spectrum 4k seems to check all the boxes. I’m just concerned that it will take months to arrive, and the shop doesn’t seem to give any delivery time estimates.

Has anyone ordered recently and can shed some light on this?

Hey @spacepluk,

We are currently in process of improving our logistics processes. We estimate to have stock available for the 4k Matte Spectrum regionally in May.

If you order today your estimated shipping date would be May as indicated on our website with delivery taking 7-10 days once dispatched.

When I ordered late February the website said shipping estimate is March 22. I haven’t received anything nor did I get any clear answer from support as to when my monitor is being shipped. Always something like: “your order has been processed successfully” or “we will keep you updated”.
Honestly as good as the monitor might be I can’t recommend buying it. Especially if you need a monitor now.


@spacepluk - If you want to know whether you should place an order or not right now… Please check out this discussion on this same forum: Shipping Update - #1290 by JohnniGrenaa

You should be able to make a good judgement by reading the position of others who have ordered in the last 1-4 months. I wouldn’t tell you what to do with your money but if you read even the last 3 weeks of posts on that page, then I think you’ll know whether you want to place an order right now, or wait until a later date.

Hope this helps


Trust this response, its been a living hell trying to get information on my order and I paid for express shipping.

Pre-ordered March 2020
Paid in full: January 22nd 2022
No new update since, im still waiting. No one knows any dates of shipping or anything regarding my order, not every the so called support. Lots of copy and paste responses.

Choose wisely


I’m based in Germany. Is that included in “regionally”?

There’s a lot of angry people in the other thread waiting for the monitors :sweat_smile:… Will you have enough stock after you fulfill all those orders?

Hi @spacepluk,

We are working on Spectrums to be distributed from local regional warehouses. I’m sure there will be one based in Germany but let me confirm this with the team.

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Hi @spacepluk,

Just got a response from the team.

There won’t be a regional warehouse in Germany but we will have one on the border of Germany and Poland.


Thanks! Can you share a time estimate for the glossy 4k?

When I ordered mine in March, the shipping estimate was June. I’m hoping we get an update about the glossy Spectrum soon.

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Hi @Techmo & @spacepluk,

There will be an update for the 4k Glossy soon.

Please be on the look out :eyes:


@ReignDespair mentioned express order are to be resuming this week for the 4K 144hz matte.

Im a express order customer, is this true?

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As it turns out, it was not. :grimacing:


Yup, feed more nonsense and lies yet again. Its always “next week”, and somehow a month or two later with the same update.


I ordered In January and still haven’t gotten mine.

Can you send me your order ID in a DM so I can provide it to the team to look into!