What's the quickest way to change monitor inputs?

I use my monitor for both PC (play) & Mac (work) and have to switch between the two inputs often throughout the day.

Is there a quicker way to switch inputs than this? Like a shortcut to open directly into the Input Source selector that I don’t know of? Automatic selection doesn’t work for me since often both machines are awake.

  1. Click to open OSD
  2. Up arrow to select Input / Output if it’s not already selected (not sure if it defaults to last opened menu or what, but it’s not consistently selected when opening the menu for me)
  3. Right arrow into Input / Output
  4. Right arrow into Select Input Source
  5. Up arrow twice to change from HDMI (pc) to USB-C (mac)
  6. Click to select new source

It would be good if we could configure the “stick” shortcuts in a future firmware update. Currently when looking at the screen; right shows the crosshair, left shows the FPS, up and down take you straight to brightness. FPS is useful but the others I’d want to configure, as you say, to input or something else (presets!).


Yes, +1, this would be super useful. I never plan on using the FPS counter or the crosshair, I adjust brightness from my keyboard, so I only use the stick as a button for now, then I have to navigate to things every time I change something.


Agreed, I’m never going to be using the FPS or Crosshair shortcuts and would much prefer being able to change them to monitor input.


I have the same issue, switching inputs is way too fiddly, I use 3 inputs and regularly want to switch between them. It’s also annoying that each time I switch I’m turning off “automatic”.

Being able to configure what the stick shortcuts do would be great - I’d like to have a quick way to change the volume with the stick too.

Be sure to add this to the FW Wishlist: Firmware Community Wishlist - #12 by NZgeek

I agree that this should be configurable (ie. left/right stick movement when out of menu to switch inputs)