What's on my Eve V?

Hey folks!

I’m interested to know what is your TOP 5 windows apps or softwares you’re going to install when you’ll get your V.

You can just give me your TOP 5 or highlight a great app that I may have missed.

I know it depends on everyone personal needs, but sometimes we can really discover great apps / softwares that we didn’t even know they are existed.

Edit : I think it could be interesting if you can add a short description (or/and why you are using it over another one) for each apps/softwares, except the most common one. It’ll be easier for everyone to know what kind of app you’re highlighting, without need to google it ! :wink:

Thanks !

  1. Chrome (yes I know it’s a memory and battery hog)
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Adobe PhotoShop CC 2015, Illustrator, InDesign
  4. Sublime Text 3
  5. Steam

I’m so excited! :smiley:

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MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project
Total Commander - file explorer replacement
Drawboard - PDF editing with pen
Kindle, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions - ebook readers
Adobe CC
CorelDraw X8
AutoCAD Civil 3D
ArcView GIS - Geographic Information Systems - mapping - geographical data collection/presentation.
RockWare RockWorks & LogPlot - geology software, cross-sections, monitoring wells and boreholes logging
Visual ModFlow - groundwater modelling
FeFlow - groundwater modelling
Aquifer Test Pro - groundwater - pump tests and slug tests
AQTESOLV - groundwater - pump tests and slug tests
Groundwater Vistas - groundwater data/chemistry
AQqA - groundwater chemistry/geochemistry

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  • Office Suite

  • Photoshop CC17 and Lightroom

  • Opera

  • Drawboard PDF (or a better alternative that works well with Pen)

  • Money.Net (Stock Trading Platform)

  • Dashlane

  • Todoist

  • Kindle

and that is basically all applications I can see myself using at all, besides possibly Illustrator once or twice a month.

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Thanks guys, I think it could be interesting if you can add a short description (or/and why you are using it over another one) for each apps/softwares, except the most common one. It’ll be easier for everyone to know what kind of app you’re highlighting, without need to google it ! :wink:

Great idea. I will do it.

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LibreOffice (I don’t want another Office 365 subscription and not willing to pay for the next tier)
Visual Studio


Launchbox help you to organize and launch all your emulators, msdos and PC games through a great interface.

Yeah Dashlane is a must-have ! I discovered it last year…

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It has made my life so much easier, I don’t think I could live without it anymore…

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Tabs Outliner plugin for Chrome
Couldn’t live without it. You can organize your tabs in a vertical tree structure and hibernate complete trees or single tabs. Only drawback: It’s not neatly integrated into chrome but is a separate window.

For coding.

Text editor, free, it’s ok, but has some problems with some plugins like HTML tidying (reformatting) which works better in other editors. But I will try sublime, heard many good things about it.

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Vivaldi. It is my main browser, and I couldn’t live without it.
MS Office. It’s a fantastic toolbox for a student.
Scrivener. It’s a text editing program I use to edit my longer texts, and what I use to write if a text is going to be longer than average. The only problem with it is that the way the files are built it is horrendously bad at syncing, which is why I still use Word as my go-to text editor.
Twitter. My main way of keeping up with the people I want to keep up with. (Apart from this community of course)
Tablet Pro Probably the best thing ever invented for touchscreens.
Spotify. My go-to music player. I use the program because the web version can’t play local files, which make up around a third of the music in my main playlist (599/1844).
Norsk Dvorak. Because I am too lazy to create my own kb layout I download one from the internet.
GeoGebra. A program for doing math.
Rainmeter. I use a skin for easy access to Spotify.
Kobo eBooks. Kobo is my go-to ebook store.
Konversation. It’s an IRC client I’ve taken a liking to.
My extra browsers in case something happens. Brave, Firefox Developer edition, Nightly, Opera 12, Opera Beta, Opera Developer, Opera Neon, Pepsi (Latest stable Opera build), Vivaldi Stable.

When I started writing this I thought this would easily be a simple 5 item list. Turns out I use more software than I realise


League of legends

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I had a list of must-have apps to install right after Windows, somewhere… Can’t find it now, so I’ll try to write some from my memory:

  • qBitTorrent - some people dislike this, I knowm But it’s a very convenient way of downloading stuff, and some official downloads have torrent mirrors. For example Ubuntu. Since I have 600Mbps wired connection at home, I use this when I can :slight_smile: No download server reaches the full potential of my connection, but if I download something from 100 seeds, it can easily reach 600Mbps :wink:
  • MS Office
  • Visual Studio
  • Firefox (or Waterfox)
  • Gesturesign - provides multitouch gestures that are 100% customizable. For example, touching the screen with 5 fingers can open the start menu, swiping up with 4 fingers can open the on-screen keyboard (since it doesn’t open automatically in desktop apps, even with that setting turned on), swiping right/left with 3 fingers can make a web browser go back/forward, etc.
  • AutoHotkey - customizable keyboard shortcuts. I’m planning to use it together with Gesturesign. Since Eve V doesn’t have a rotation lock button, I’ll choose an arbitrary keyboard shortcut, program it to enable automatic rotation for half a second and disable it, then assign that shortcut to a gesture in GestureSign. That way, I can (for example) double-tap with 3 fingers to rotate my screen the way I’m holding it. I could keep auto rotate enabled, but I don’t want it to randomly rotate when I’m just carrying it around in my hand.
  • Tablet Pro - this provides an on-screen touchpad. It can also be fullscreen and totally transparent, so you just move your finger around the screen to move a mouse cursor, single tap anywhere to left click, tap with 2 fingers to right click and so on. Or it can be any size you want, semi-transparent. It can also have screen areas dedicated to left and right click buttons, and gestures can be customized. Oh, and there’s a very nice feature for pen users: you can have an area on the screen with shortcut buttons. For example, you add some comfortably big touch buttons on the left side (to change brush, etc. etc.), and as you draw you can use them with your finger. The rest of the screen will be disabled when pen is near (palm blocking), but the area with buttons will still work.
  • Steam
  • Skype - the desktop version, because that new beta is buggy and lacks many core features such as drag&drop.
  • Discord - because Skype calls aren’t even remotely as good :slight_smile:
  • ESET NOD32 antivirus
  • VLC
  • Ditto (Thanks @mtaki14 for reminding :wink: )
  • HostsMan - removes those pesky ads from everywhere, not only web browser :imp:

@nawthor A fellow Vivaldi user, awesome!

Here’s my, what will be a more “geeky”, list:



  • Keypirinha - probably best launcher out there, indispensable.
  • Everything Search - blazing fast search, can’t live without it.
  • Ditto - robust open source clipboard manager
  • Autohotkey - programmable scripts/hotkeys


  • MusicBee - Probably most advanced free music player/ manager out there. The development that has gone (and is still going) into this is insane considering it’s a one-man project.
  • Potplayer/ MPC-BE - video players


  • Vivaldi browser - a power user’s dream browser and things are only getting better and better.
  • Tixati - Open source torrent downloader
  • Opera Mail - still use this for managing my multiple email accounts. Mostly because i’m familiar with it since the old Opera browser days.


Visual Studio/ Code and various other “unexciting” IDEs, tools/ dependencies/ libraries etc :smiley:


  • ShareX - probably best screenshot tool out there, open source. Can automate saving, uploading, copying. Very customizable.
  • Sublime Text - general (programmer’s) text editor
  • Bandizip - free archiver, only one that allowed me to ditch winrar completely
  • Uninstall Tool - simple and thorough uninstall utility. It’s paid though
  • Discord - gamer focused chat/ voice app


…plus a lot of other more “mainstream” programs not really worth talking about :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it even a thing in Windows? :open_mouth:
Interesting… Does it offer anything that Windows search doesn’t?


Windows search has the most basic form of an app launcher, it’s not really a fair comparison.

There’s a lot of things, out of the top of my head:

  • Speed
  • Ranking of results (frequently run apps will show immediately)
  • Customization of the actual app catalog
  • Instant access to various actions for launched apps such as, running a program with parameters, “open with…”, “open as admin”," open target location", “copy path” etc
  • Folder browsing
  • Task switching (particularly useful when you have a great number of windows open)
  • Integrated calculator, bookmarks searching, web search, registry browsing
  • Has plugins specific to support other utilities (searching by means of “Everything search” which I already mentioned, HeidiSQL profiles, FileZilla/WinSCP sessions, Putty, Ditto etc)

Have a look at the documentation for a more extensive overview:


Actually Cortana has most of the things you named… and it’s really fast on my computer :slight_smile: but yeah, some things require a mouse, so maybe yours is better after all…

Gesturesign and AutoHotkey are very interesting I will check them out ! Thanks

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@nawthor @mtaki14 Why are you using Vivaldi over the other browsers ?