What's next? How about warranty support?

Just a FYI, I received my monitor at the end of 2021. It has significant light bleed and the joystick for menu support snapped off with very very minimal use. The screen has a digital purple flash (not a feature)when launching new programs or turning the monitor to different inputs. Eve/Dough has stopped responding to my requests to initiate an RMA or swap my monitor. How about instead of looking forward to what’s next, you take care of the customers who trusted you with our money in the first place?


Eve/DOH stopped responding to my thread about an RMA repair for the defective joystick on my monitor as well. It has been several months since I initiated a Support ticket. They had me go through several troubleshooting steps (even though it was an obvious physical defect), and they finally said I would have to ship the monitor in for repair.

I said “Okay, what’s the return address and shipping instructions?” and they’ve never responded again since then.

I’ve followed up on the thread dozens of times. I even tried creating new Support tickets (sometimes using different email addresses), and they simply will not reply or even acknowledge receiving the messages.

I’ve tried having a couple of of the Community Support people here follow up with Support as well, but that has also not yielded any help or response.

Looks like Eve/DOH have found yet another way to behave completely unprofessionally, treat their customers miserably, and earn their reputation as one of the worst technology companies on the planet.


They did the exact same thing for me. Requesting vast amounts of information only to do nothing. Seems like there should be a way to collect our money. I wonder if anyone has started a class action case of some sort. Their are plenty of us.

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The only “end game” warranty i got was that i was told to send my monitor to an LG repair shop. Thats about all they do. Clear fraud going on as so many people haven’t even got a monitor or a refund. Im at least lucky that my glossy version is not the worst function wise. Bugs left and right that require power cycles, but nothing that renders it unusable. Basically a 1k roulette where you gamble to see what you get.

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I understand that I got had, but I think as long as this company continues to advertise readily available flawless groundbreaking monitors, the voice of the people who know what’s really going on need to try to protect the people who are thinking that they will have a better experience. Thank you for doing your part also.