What's next? After refund... :/

Hello friends. I decided to ask Eve for refund. I know it will take like forever but my decision is solid. I have to decide what next. Can you help me with this?

Why I chose V?
Long time ago I was going to buy Surface Pro 4. Because it’s small but crazy. I intended (and still would like to) sometimes work in the field, in the park on a bench, etc. These were the assumptions of the first decisions on changing the laptop. Greater mobility, good power in a small package, change of the software environment from Corel to Adobe. And most importantly: music. It is a very important part of my life. I have a lot of sound in the car, at work, at home and I have Axon 7 :slight_smile: I have access to great music, no matter where I am. I have my own collection of CDs (250 pieces) from the Dio style (I have probably all the albums that came out, some in several versions, I’m generally crazy about Dio, tattoo on the chest, etc.), Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica etc and also completely other moods, musicals, 50-70 years, etc.

It is the quality of the sound, not the price (which was a nice addition) that convinced me that the V will be perfect for me. How we all know. Until now, when I hook up V to believe the stereo signal power does not even raise one line on the spectrum, where Axon 7 fills it.

What do I expect from a new computer?

As I mentioned, I still care about mobility, my assumptions have not changed. I use the computer only for work, internet and music. Office, Adobe CC, web browser, email. I do not play and I’m not going to play games, I have an Xbox One X Scorpio. At the beginning I was excited about the pen that I would like to paint nice things, but ultimately it is not important to me.

What would I like to buy?

There are three devices that interest me: Surface Pro 4 / PRO, Surface Book 13, MacBook Pro 13. Conditions: i7, 16gb, minimum 256GB disk. Budget - about 2500 Euro

Why Macbook PRO? Exactly: MPXT2ZE / A / P1 / D1 / R1

Because I’m curious. Generaly. People say that for a perfect job that is solid, that everything always works just like that. That would be a nice change after V.

advantages and disadvantages of the MacBook: It’s not 2 in 1. Do not put it so well next to your monitor. Price, but I can handle it.

Why Surface PRO / 4?

SP4 because it is cheap and should be enough. My wife has SP4 M3 and is happy but she is not a “heavy user”. Audio not bad, also on the headphones. It should be enough.

Why Surface Book 1/2?

First generation only as Performance Base. It has a lot of power under Adobe CC, PB version supposedly polished and it is a very good product. From what I have seen, I am able to buy a 2-3 month Surface Book 2 in my budget, but I do not know if it is worth buying a cheaper version of the first one. On eBay there are devices from the USA with additions at the price of V.

I am asking you for advice, comments on individual devices, your experience. If you can suggest other devices that meet my requirements, I will be happy to meet them.

From those three, I would definately go with the Macbook Pro, unless Windows is a must thing. Personally I will buy a macOS computer the next time I am getting something. Been using macs for the past 6 years before the V and Win10 is just so bad in some areas like UI scaling and higher resolutions.

But if you want a Windows based machine i would forget the SB2, as its has been plagued with quality problems too (propably they have fixed most of them by now). One i would suggest to think is the newest Dell XPS laptops with the newest Intel chips (which were just released I think). Should fit into your 2500e budget pretty well.

PS. This is actually in the wrong section :smiley:

I changed section, better right now? :slight_smile:

The only thing that keeps me with Win10 is his appearance. I love how I custom (nothing special) my V, dark theme (everywhere) look very nice. I haven’t used MacOS in my life, I know it only from screenshots. But it tempts me :slight_smile:

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If it’s me, I would go the traditional laptop route and since you never mentioned touch and drawing capacity is a must requirement, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018.

It’s very lightwieght (for the complete traditional laptop form factor), good battery life, Thunderbolt 3 ports for additional graphical power (eGPU) and charging via TB3. It even features a Nano SIM slot (no fiddle with phone hotspot sharing.) and Micro SD card slot.

This is purely my look around from the websites not my experience.

Oh, by the way, I like that red nip signature of Lenovo.



Lenovo looks pretty good but it is to big. I preffer max 13.3 inch.

It’s 14 inches, please look in the review below.

For me, .7 inch is not much of a difference.

will think about it, thanks

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Be careful with Mac - limiting factors could be - software you own which is not supported on Mac or you need to buy separate licence for Mac (Office and Adobe are OK), problems with MS Office on Mac - not supported macros, plug-ins, etc.


I don’t use office soft like all the time. Most important is communication (email), music, Adobe CC and Eve community, where I am whole day…

why not a DELL XPS 13"? I just purchased the brand new 9575 15" (as “main computer” for me though it is a 2 in 1, like the surface book). It is cheaper than the surface book but as good it seems to me… they are below your budget limit. Just saying :slight_smile:

as a main laptop-computer, I had a Lenovo for years and said good-bye :cry: b/c nits are not high and the color calibrations are not that good … but I still like them…

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Everything is a compromise, because nobody has made the perfect device, unfortunately. The eve V included.

Have your tried listing out what you don’t want in a device? That will help you narrow down your choices.

When i look at devices I look for reasons why I would not want it.


you are lucky! You received the refund…
I bought the DELL XPS 13… and I am still waiting for my money… now for more than 2 months…

No. I haven’t got refund yet. Today I sent message that I want refund. I know that I will wait couple months.

look at lenovo, there are great devices with same technical data and more too

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Thats why I still stick with my Nexus 6P (with completely ruined battery), because of the things I do not want to miss on my next Phone :sweat_smile::joy:

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Iâm planning to buy thisone after i get my money back.
It would also fit your budget.

whats about the bad penreaction? do you connect it with surface pen?

I think we should stop to wonder what to buy coz I received an email that there will be no refund for me.

Refund is not possible after the expiration of the 14-day period, you are eligible for a warranty if the issue is deemed worthy of warranty.

Sorry to hear that, @Artur_Jedrzejewski but if it’s any consolation I’m sure your experience saved many from suffering the same fate lol. That is a tough pill to swallow.

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