What's about a band?

I figured out, that outthere are many bands. The one, that looked good is finished. I mean the Microsoft band. The Band 2 DOES look really good BUT. There are really much BUT’s in this Band, for example the low battery life. And the ones without BUT’s are looking awfully.

A band would be nice. But a watch would be even better. :wink:

That said, from what I’ve seen the market is too niche and not growing. I would need to research to come up with numbers but on the top of my head from what I remember, ie the apple watch didn’t sell much this previous quarter. I may be mistaken but that’s the vague perception I get. Also, these types of devices don’t get much coverage which perhaps reflects how that particular industry is going.

A band would be nice if, and thats a big one, it does not upload my health related information to the vendors cloud platform.
I can not understand who willingly gives their very precious health related information to a company…

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I’ve been seeing a lot of media coverage recently about how smartwatches are dead in the water :frowning:
I think they’re pretty cool, but you would need to do something pretty damn revolutionary to get me to buy one.

I was thinking about buying a Pebble Time, because of the amazing battery life, but I guess that’s not gonna happen any more. The first company that introduced a wearable that genuinely excited me, and even that wasn’t enough to stay afloat.

I dunno. I’m sure a smartwatch can be done, and done properly, but I think battery tech is holding it back right now.

Sorry but I don’t understand why giving your “precious” blood pressure to someone is so bad. It’s not like it gives them access to your sensitive data, like passwords…

@thedrawer what features would you like it to have? It can only have a really tiny screen, so nothing useful to display there… I guess it can measure your pulse and do some gyroscope calculations voodoo? Or is there anything specific you want it to do?

It should simply look like the Microsoft band 2, should do eyactely the same Job PLUS being water Resistant PLUS having a reasonable Battery Life for at least 7 Days. You wont find anything good looking AND fulfilling those things ob the Market now.

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Well, I’m afraid Eve will most probably focus on computers and phones for now, because people buying these things are a minority :slight_smile: But in the future… maybe?

Because I want to have sovereignty over my data as much as possible and I draw the line at my health related data.

By the way it is not “only” my blood pressure…
sleeping patterns
lactate threshold
probably GPS-data

All these sensors are available and for all the above mentioned features a device is already on the market.
If you have all this data you know pretty much about me.
When I rest, when I am tired, when I have sex, when I am ill… you name it.

The intelligence service/hacker organisation of your choice would
lick their fingers.
Ah and look its all on the servers of company XYZ, how convenient.


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Not to mention very interesting data for the health insurance companies…

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OK I understand the GPS part. I wouldn’t like that being collected.
But seriously, who in their sane mind would steal your… body temperature? This data is so generic that it cannot be used against anyone. Everyone’s body temperature is somewhere around 36-37 degrees Celcius, so there’s no information in this one. Same applies to all the other things you named. Furthermore, without GPS data it can’t be associated with you. They will just know that there is a person who… idk, maybe has a disease or something… But where that person is or who he is? Nope.
And even if I know all that you named above, I still don’t know shit about you because this data doesn’t tell shit about you.
I don’t really see why a hacker would want to steal the data that tells them NOTHING, lol…
Well, unless they want to hire a hitman and they need to know your weak spots. But if you’re afraid of that, I can tell you one thing for sure: you watch way too many Hollywood movies.

(sarcasm alert)
Heck, if you’re afraid of this, then why don’t you stay barricaded inside 24/7? And don’t forget to close your blinds! Someone really needs your precious “personal data” (for example when you watch the TV) and is already watching you through the window. And for God sake, don’t ever dare to go outside! There are cameras! Cameras!!

I never said that it would be used “against” me, I only said that I am not comfortable with sharing my health related data with a company.
Is it possible that you have no clue whatsoever about data science and what can be deduced from such, as you say, generic data?

I already gave you a glimpse of whats possible.

When I rest, when I am tired, when I have sex, when I am ill… you name it.

If you like to share these things with random people, then by all means do it.
I am certainly not comfortable with it, that is why I do not use a Fitnessband although I would
be interested in the measured metrics and and the analysis.

Yeah and when I go outside I wear a tinfoil-hat. I think you miss my point…somewhere everybody draws a line.
I draw mine at health related data.


Of course that is a Point to be discussed. At the end of the day it is everybody’s own decission to wear one or not. For the same reason you can discuss the Eve V having a Frontcam or not.The thing is I’d like to see a Eve built and designed band. Hopefully Pauliunas got my answer about the funktions the Band should have.

Well, you see… security cameras are way below the health data line :slight_smile: As is going outside :slight_smile: