What would you improve in our forum?

Hi guys!

Our goal as a team is to develop a great community where we will be able to develop amazing products together with our amazing community members. We also want to make this forum a place where like minded people hang out, share knowledge and discuss latest tech.

Our team is putting best effort to create great experience for you here. But to make this community truly amazing we need your feedback on what should we improve.

Make sure to post here if:

1) Some category is missing
2) UI can be improved (forum looks too dull, too colorful)
3) Something doesn’t work or make sense
4) You have ideas how you can make this community even more amazing

Let’s Rock!****:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the UI looks dull. And also a bar with images can be added regarding the trending features and/or specs for The Pyramid Flipper.

Except that maybe I would prefer something like private reddit, it’s actually surprisingly clean and approachable. I don’t know if it will scale well with the number of users (but I don’t know the target user ceiling, sure), especially if they will end up active and talkative.

For me it’s a simple case of usability. We can talk, it’s readable, the post creation is quite painless and easy… even if the forum is basic - it serves its purpose. I don’t know if adding more graphical blind/elements/ornaments would help in the conversations.


Hey, private reddit sounds like a cool idea. How would it operate? Do you mean the voting system?

I completely agree with you :slight_smile: It definitely is very simple and readable, and the post creation, damn it’s awesome. :smiley: I see this forumas an amazing place for collaborations. Just imagine the possibilities :smiley: If we can make it better in such a way that all kind of people join it and be a part of it. That’ll be something. :slight_smile:

Well, it looks clean and practical, for me at least. I wish there was an option to use a dark theme though. There is sooo much white going on, it’s so bright, I have to turn down my screen brightness.


Oh, this! This.

After thinking about it - I don’t think it’s a good one. Things easy to digest and likable will amass points and visibility, making it hard to actually notice what’s there, even with the best intentions. Maybe if the community will be ten times bigger.

Dark theme, really??? I think we can:) Actually it seems its not that easy:)

Would you like possibility to select it? Or have it dark all the time?

Hey All! Played around a little with the web note function in edge on my T1 to comment on the forum layout. Here’s what I had to say:


Lol! I’m all in for optional stuff, so would like the dark theme to be optional, not on all the time. I don’t wanna drag other forumers (is that even a word?) in my darkness :grin:

Pyramid is now part of design!!! :slight_smile: We will implement more of your feedback soon!

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I think having the UI look a bit like Flarum’s will improve this current one. https://discuss.flarum.org/
Flarum is easy to use, clean and yet fancy.

I find it Not intuitive to geht from ohne thread to where I’ve been been before.
I would appreciate a bread crum and/or a back button.
Regards Matt

Maybe relevant: Reading this in an iPad with Safari

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Bread crum button?
Placeholder text to meet minimum chars.

Scrolling down in a thread only displays the title of the thread all the way up top.
Clicking on it, it brings me all the way up … and then I need a second click on the eve logo to bring me back to the starting page.

I’d like to see the eve logo all the time left of the thread title (or the title pulled in a bit) which allows me to either go all the way up or to jump back to the community start page in one click.

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Sorry, my comment was ambiguous.
I meant I would like either a “bread crum” or a “back button” and not a “bread crum button”.
But now I know found out that the category(s) below the thread subject is clickable - so that kind of helps as a bread crum. However I would have discovered that easier if it was underlined like a link or with some icon that indicates navigation…
For back button functionality I will simply use the browser back button in order to have the same scrooling position in the list of topics.

Best regards,

I’d like to see the it grouped into Categories better. ie news and announcements all together, so you can expand or collapse the list. Right now it’s a little bit like the wild west - the categories really don’t do anything and it’s just a stream of chaos. If the forum REALLY takes off, it will need to be more organized


How about Tapatalk support on smartphone.

@mlivesey That’s basically what I was going to write.
I believe we need to have a way to organize the topics by category, sort of like how Amazon does with their shopping “departments”. There could be categories for Keyboard, tablet design, other topics about PF, topics not about PF, Future Projects, etc.
That is just some examples off the top of my head. Would be easier to organize them if I saw a list of all the topics available.

It is a bit too much like the “Wild West”, where you kind of have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it. I do appreciate the simplicity of the current menu in the top corner, and that the search algorithms seem to work quite well.
Also: just realized there was a category selection up there. It’s buried too well and, I think, difficult to use.
I only happened on this topic by chance of reading the “latest” threads, for example.

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