What size SD card can you fit inside the V?

I’ve ordered the ‘V’ with i5 and 256 GB of storage. In the long run 256GB isn’t going to do it for my needs. Is it possible to use a SD card like: Amazon.com

and have it be flush inside the unit?


The V uses microSD, so from the looks it should not fit in.

Thanks. Brain not in gear.

2nd attempt. If I get a MicroSD will it mount flush with the unit?

Mark - who might have a brain this time.


The SD-card reader is placed behind the kickstand like on the surface pro.

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A MicroSD card will fit in the port. But no other SD form factor should (that I know of). While I haven’t looked to closely, I do assume it will work just like the SP 4, where you slide it in, it sticks. When you want it out, you press it a tad in, and it pops out. (This is how any SD card I’ve ever used works, so I doubt it would work differently here)
Hope this answers your question.

Anders - thanks. That implies the card won’t be flush. Thats what I can
determine from the picture of either the V or the Surface Pro 4. With my
MBP mid year 2015, if I add a SD Card it sticks out about 10mm from the
side of the machine, meaning I have to very careful when putting the
machine in a bag not to snag the card. My question is will I suffer the
same for the V?


No, since the card reader is basically in the same plane as the inside of the kickstand it doesn’t stick out at all. Look at some pics of surface pros card reader :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if the microSD card will support the faster U speed ratings (U1 through U3)? I read that U3 is ~250MB/sec read/write speed.

I asked the same thing a while ago and got this answer:

It’s no official word, but I feel confident it does support UHS class 3 :slight_smile:

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Ah, I misunderstood you. The card won’t stick out, like @Johandea said. In the SP 4 the card sits a few mm inside the port, and you’ll never be afraid of it coming out unless you yourself eject it. Especially since it won’t even be exposed once you close the kickstand.

Well, the microSD card itself is just 10-15mm long so obviously it can’t stick out a whole centimeter :slight_smile: and it’s behind the kickstand, so you won’t see it.

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He was referring to a sd card, not a microsd card.

Yes, but an SD-card won’t fit in the V…

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I was just referencing to him talking about his macbook pro and the SD card it fits :slight_smile: . I know the Eve V doesn’t take an SD card.

He just wants to know what kind of extra storage the eve V will take and in what form.

Essentially the answer is that it’s a microsd (I don’t know maximum capacity), and it will be flush with the device under the kickstand. I have a surface and that’s how it works and the image of the eve V seems to be the exact same. I feel this is a safe and correct answer?


He was asking about Eve V, so I answered about Eve V. It doesn’t have a full-size SD slot, so I explained him why our tablet can’t have the same problem as his laptop.

What will the maximum storage capacity be for the Eve V? Something like 256GB or 512GB would be nice for expandable storage. What will the max supported read/write speed be? I’m wondering if this will be feasible storage for programs, games, etc…

currently: 512GB internal storage with the i7 + 256GB microsd card, there are no bigger ones for sale, atleast here in Germany. I’ve heard of 512GB cards but:

  1. they’re damn expensive, we’re talking ~1000$ I believe
  2. They don’t seem to be available on the normal online market

Top microsd cards are delivering about 80-100mbps read and write speeds at the moment. This is nowhere near a SSD, so I’d recomment it more for storage than programs and games. However, this is still a quite decent speed and it should be comparable to a HDD, so yes, you will also be able to run programs from the SD card without dying of old age during the loading screen.