What should I buy if my V breaks (only 2in1 tablet discussion, please)

hey folks,

after the announcement of Microsofts new SP 6 I asked myself which 2in1 tablet I would buy if my V breaks and another V isn’t available. I like the bluetooth function of my V’s keyboard, and TB3 is a must have for me. Some USB-A ports are good, because I got some peripherals with a USB-A connector… 512 GB SSD and 16GB ram are a must-have…
What would you choose???

This is my setup in the office (V as daily driver even with architectural programs) and for outdoor use (I often go to construction sites for construction management and revisite old buildings to draw up an expert opinion on the façade) I put the V into a old reworked SP3 rugged case…


If you are OK with a “fold back” rather than separate keyboard the latest Dell Inspiron 13" 7373 2 in 1 is getting good reviews - though screen lesser resolution than V.

For more money the XPS 13" 2 in 1 an alternative?

The hard part would be the BT keyboard. Acer has some tablets with bluetooth keyboard, thats all I know unfortunately.

If you waive the BT keyboard requirement (or you dont mind getting a third-party BT keyboard), there would be a ton of options available.

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I just said that I like the BT-function. I use this function not that often. It’s not a deal-breaker for me… gimme the ton, please… oh, what I forgot: I hate a fan for cooling the device… and the construction sites I work are often very dusty with stone-dust which is really abrasive inside of moving parts of a computer…

Well the fanless bit makes it a bit hard.

Fanless is usually popular among less powerful chips, while Thunderbolt 3 only gives you practical uses if you have powerful chips, which then requires active cooling. A lot of manufacturers simply skip TB3 on their less powerful models, for good reason.

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is perhaps the closest alternative I could find that’s still fanless. The Surface Book 2 tablet portion is fanless, but lacks TB3, though it has a dGPU (with fan) of its own (apart from GPU, what else would anybody need TB3 for?)

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yes, Acer seems to be the only real 2in1 option… Had a look to the SB2 which could work for my usecase, too, but the battery inside the tablet part seems to be a bit too weak… BTW, is there a 512GB 16GB RAM Version of the Acer switch alpha 12?