What screen protector to buy - UPDATE: none!

hi there,
After reading all about screen protectors and THE screen protector which may come with the V, I actually opted out and canceled my screen protector order.

QUESTION to those who do use another screen protector than the one they propose on their (Eve-Tech) Website.
–Which one do you suggest? Link, please… (may also be Amazon or whatever :smiley: )

Explanation: most of devices I have have glossy screen so I purchased a matte screen protector for them and I am satisfied with them.

==> The V is supposed to be non-reflective, so I want to keep it like that BUT not just put a matte film on there, that would ruin the nice glossy non-reflective screen, right?
So, which one would you suggest - iF AT ALL??

BROTECT was previously suggested in the community and I went and bought it myself online.

Went for the AirGlass protector and I’m totally happy with it.

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Yep, Brotect Glass protector is actually the only one right now for the V and is actually a glass protector.

don’t these protectors cancel the anti-reflective coating? :slight_smile:

Hi there.
I do not have a V yet but
I am a new owner of the brandnew Dell XPS 9575 15" … which is supposed to have the same SCREEN as the V.
Gorilla Glass with anti-reflective coating, right?

Well, today I was outside in the bright sunlight with that XPS 9575… with its pen, and painting (ArtRage)… I have to say: wow… while reflecting a bit, I could see very well what I was painting… bright and so sharp, and it was such a nice feeling to paint on that glass - much smoother than on the matte screen protector which I have on my SP4 (b/c without, the SP is too reflective).

if, if, if the screen of the V is really very similar to the one of the XPS9575, it would be a shame to put a screen protector on it!!! And I won’t!
The XPS 9575 is a gorgeous thing to paint on, but now I’m even more waiting :roll_eyes: for the V (and nervous, will it work? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: I read too much here…) … b/c the XPS is soo big and heavy :slight_smile: NIce for inside :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I put the screen protector on my V and everything looked dull. Took it right off. I love the colors of the screen and the brightness. Very beautiful. Not really worry about scratching it

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The screen should be the same, but the digitizer, the glass and the coating is different. Thats why you cannot just use the Dell screen assembly in a V :wink:

I do not know of any direct comparison with the Dell, but I did never experience any problems with my V without screen protector in the sun. The Super bright screen and the coating do perfectly!

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Note it’s this Dell that has the same screen (but as stated above, it can have a different coating):

The 12.3" screen in the V is certainly not the same as the screen in the 15" XPS 9575!

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Up to now my V is used without a screen protector.
It is very OK like that —> will a screen protector add value?:thinking:

OF course one is much larger. I do not know about technologie. Are you saying that b/c of the different screen-size, the material etc would be different?
I only know that they are both supposed to be Gorilla glass coated, now, I do not know about coating either.
I certainly would like to know more about the details you speak about.

ANd I am curious how much they appear to be different, screen-size wise of course, but I mean, for instance working in the sunlight…

I’m just saying they are different screens, so they will have different specifications. You can compare the screens at www.notebookcheck.net, as that has reviewed the XPS 9575 and the V. Generally the V outclasses the XPS 9575 screen in many of the specs.


thank you for the reply. I checked the notebookcheck page and it is confusing for the Dell… I only saw a Dell 9550 with active pen :open_mouth: (I thought they had only capacitive) and a 9575 with a capacitive screen :open_mouth: and I thought the -75 came only with an active pen-screen (or whatever you might call it.) Yes the V has the specs and I cannot find them for the Dell.

But this here is certainly not the place to discuss this …
I only hope that the V-screen is as good and I won’t need a screen protector :wink: that was and is my hope :slight_smile: