What Psychographic are you?

Hey Guys!

I was writing our Marketing plan with the goal tp make sure that as many relevant guys will know about ▼as possible. And then I have stumbeled upon one good old test :slight_smile: It is one of those tests that defines your Psychographic type. Overal it is very useful to know it to be able to know what are your inherent strength and what category of people you belong to. Achievers, innovators (I believe we have a lot of innovators here;) ,etc)

Test takes around 6-7 min and is quite preceice when it comes to result. (I know it sounds a bit too much like those FB test :slight_smile: )

Feel free to take it here If you take it make sure to share your results with a screenshot in this thread! And then let us discuss the results!

By taking the test you would maybe help us figure out where we can find more amazing dudes like you and how to make ▼ successfull . As always, have a geat day! Cheers!

I have just taken test myself and you can see my results below. Innovators ofc :smiley:

@Mike who are you mate?

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I’m #1 Innovator and #2 Experiencer :stuck_out_tongue:

No wonder I enjoy those trips to China so much :slight_smile:

I am #1 Innovators and #2 Achievers


My primary type is Strivers, and secondary Thinkers.

I’m #1 Innovator and #2 Experiencer.

Well, kind of what you’d expect of a programmer who loves to write his own stuff and get’s hyped for the latest tech :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the same as @Mike

Same as @Konstantinos too :smiley:

Hi to all my Innovator - Achiever -peers!

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Primary Type: Makers
Secondary Type: Experiencers

Although after reading the descriptions of these groups, I totally disagree. I would rather consider myself a Thinker.