What notetaking software do you find works best with V pen

The main reason I bought a V rather than updated laptop is for the tablet mode with note taking that can be digitised and converted to something like word etc.

Currently find friends and clients writing just like pen on paper on SP and iPads whereas my initial attempts on Windows Ink are somewhat challenged as picture


So what recommendations for notetaking apps that can be digitised and exported to other programs doso the community suggest please?

Thanks in anticipation

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While I don’t have the V yet. I do know that OneNote has a feature that allows for Handwriting to Text conversion. I have used it with other tablets.

I’m using DrawboardPDF as note taking app and as pdf reading and editing app. It’s quite useful after some time to get into it.

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I have a question as far as writing; If I decide to get a surface pen, will the eraser end work? I really like that feature.

I’m using Nebo, which works pretty amayingly as a writing app that can recognize your handwriting and transform it to normal text, works with diagrams and with maths equations. Can highly recommend it! Other than that, if you get Drawboard PDF, the pro version allows you to create blank PDFs with all kinds of lined paper or sketching paper.

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Would love to know that too. As I’m updating my sp4 for a V. (Wanted more ram and ssd.). I have 2 sp4 pens. And I use the eraser and one note all the time.

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I just went on Nebo website. It seems you need a Microsoft account for it. Why? Does it use the microsoft cloud as OneNOte does?
I am lookfing for an app without havin to log into Microsoft each time.

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That’s exactly my use case, but I have no experience yet.
Look up an introduction video to onenote on YouTube, it seems pretty amazing.

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Onenote! onenote! onenote!


I also use OneNote. Especially because you can record the voice of a speaker while you’re writing. After you finished, you can just tap on what you were writing at that moment (when the speaker said something) and listen to what the speaker said. It’s absolutely indispensable if you’re a student. Also, the writing is very smooth, no jitters of something, so handwritten notes look nice.

And, of course, all handwritten notes can be converted to text notes very easily using OneNote.

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Yes, it should still work. It’s built into the sensor for the pen, not just device specific

There’s another Microsoft notetaking app that syncs with your Office365 or Microsoft account to provide a notebook with good pen support. I think it’s beta… and when I played with it a few weeks ago on another system, I was impressed. Trouble is I can’t remember the name.