What Next on 2in1 form factor?

Question to everyone (innovators): Have we reached the max on the idea of making 2in1 form factor like MSSurface Pro and V, and no further idea or innovation can be achieved ???

With the thread on MS Surface 5 going to be similar like 4, V managed to bring some few more into the machine as mean and best it can be !!! Looking at the both the device and how is has been housed, is it possible to get more or bring another innovative idea for a professional laptop with top specs? Have we reached MAX???

Open to all.


Another possible device should be - Surface 3/iPad Pro 9.7" Replacement with those specifications:

10" or around (9.7"- 10.2") screen size
Intel m3 7th generation Y processor
256 GB SSD
1 USB-C (chargeable)
1 ThunderBolt 3 (chargeable)
2 cameras (front and back)
keyboard and cover (switchable for weight saving)
Windows 10 (with Pro option)


Not of different form factor, but as a 2in1. I guess going below 11.3 screen is not good for professional laptop users.

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would it be possible (or at all useful) to be able to make a 2 in 1 that you can attach the screen in portrait mode if you want? I know for some situations people prefer it. It would mean 2 pogo pin inputs and a redesigned hinge, but…

As I wrote - it was meant as Surface 3 (non Pro) and/or iPad Pro 9.7" (or new Samsung S3 tablet/Samsung Book) replacement.

Those devices are great for fieldwork, editing reports, reading, watching movies when in bed or travel …


I think if EVE could make a variant of the V with a foldable OLED screen, which would leave the workable dimensions of the V similar to what it is today but shrink the closed size of the V half of the footprint, that would be phenomenal. Of course, the keyboard would be one of the big problems to resolve, but using the folding technology making its way to phones would be interesting. It would require inclusion of the next topic listed below, namely solid state lithium batteries, which would dramatically change the power characteristics of the V.

I have been writing quite a bit lately (I am in the final stages of publishing my book, “Thriving with Information in the Digital Economy”, and one of the things I have been covering is the metamorphosis about to occur in battery technology, namely the first one probably being solid state lithium batteries (other technologies coming up through the ranks are Graphene capacitors (I don’t know why they aren’t called batteries, but they aren’t) and Sodium Carbide batteries). The capacity of solid state lithium batteries is 2 - 3 x of lithium ion batteries and don’t have the characteristic of ignition or explosion as witnessed with the Samsung 7. Being an early adopter of such a power source would bring very interesting capabilities to a future V.


What about a tablet that has a kickstand that has a rotation point on the middle (only attached to the tablet there) so in portrait part of the kickstand would be sort of exposed. Do you get what I mean?


Good idea! …

Depends on the use case. Obviously people have bought into the surface 3/ ipad pro size factor, so there is a market for that size.

How about a 2in1 style docking station for windows phone?

The docking station should includes: display, battery, keyboards, front facing camera and ports.

And the phone can be put where the trackpad would normally be, and use as a trackpad.

I think I read it somewhere that apple patented it tho…

Not sure if all the technology is there yet, so this could be something that come much later…


There are a substantial number of people at Tablet PC Review who are very interested in a 10-inch Windows tablet with high performance. In other words, a Surface Air/Surface 4 (non-Pro) with a Y-class Core/Core M processor.

We were initially in the process of making plans there of how best to present this. We were then going to post our polished convincing proposal here to then be torn apart and discussed by the group.

But since this idea is already on everyone’s minds, I will let them know at TabletPCReview that the idea already is out here so they can already come over and put in their two cents worth as well. :smiley: In addition, someone from there will be throwing out the idea of a VAIO Z Canvas (quad-core 2-in-1) clone here as well.


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Vaio Z Canvas is too big and too heavy … 12.3" and 2.67 lb (1.21 kg) without keyboard for long term use as a tablet in field or bed.


Yes, but for people wanting a high-powered quad-core tablet system, the VAIO Z Canvas is about as good as it gets in this small of a form factor. Again, this is not my own idea as I, like you, am far more interested in a Surface Air. There are artists and 3D animators who really like the VAIO Z Canvas for all the performance it provides and who would love to see a serious contender on the market. I am sure there is at least a few who would be interested in the notion of a full quad-core tablet for professional 3D rendering and very complex art projects on the go.

During development, EVE faced many limitations, related both to the technical complexity and the inaccessibility of technology for a small company. At the moment there are many ideas how to improve the V in the future, for example:

New generation of V could be faster, lighter, more convenient.

Edited: added links, transmitter, description

  • Lightweight You cant deny that the V or SP are really heavy compared to the average tablet. Unfortunately, it seems like reducing battery capacity is the only way to achieve this.
  • Wireless charging Combined with WiGig, we can have truly wireless docking station.
  • Bezel-less display I think the V and SP can definitely benefit from this, as 12" tablets are a bit too large for tablet use, especially in portrait mode. This requires software support. Recent iPads, for example, has managed to trim the side bezels and use software trickery to ignore your finger (thumb) if youre holding the device by it.
  • Quad Core CPU We seem to have hit the limitation on per-core performance, with mobile CPUs can perform within 70-80% of its desktop counterparts. However, in cores perspective, we are still behind at just 50%.
  • Pen with no input lag As far as I know, most pens are still lagging behind the iPad Pro in this regard, though to be fair, the iPad Pro is lagging everywhere else.
  • OLED screen This is where personal opinion will start to matter. I know many people who don’t really like OLED over-the-top contrast ratio, I personally love it.

Take my money …

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The Eve V Air is basically the Surface Air that forum users at TabletPCReview have been begging for for many years now. Hopefully, I did it justice writing with the words that I chose. If Eve or some company out there makes this, it will be an insta-buy for me, no question about it. I hope others here take interest and run with this idea. The Galaxy Book 10 is a disappointing mess in comparison, with just eMMC storage, for example. The only other tablet that has come somewhat close to the Surface Air was the Onda V919 3G Core M but it was a buggy, poorly cobbled mess.

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Not really, there are a bunch of different technologies that could be crammed into a new device and call it innovative. But the point should always be: “is it practical?” not “is it new?”
Some things that pop to mind:

  • Secondary e-paper display:As a tablet or phone
  • Pico proyector: Lenovo
  • Haptic feedback a la Mac touch pad, or console gaminng pads.
  • Sound conducting body/screen instead of speakers: Gigaset ME Pro?
  • Software galore: to enhance the user experience.
  • make the hardware design secure fron start to finish: like this
  • etc, etc.

So yes, you can innovate, a lot. But the market is a cold and cruel place if you don’t take you users into account.

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@Team : With the permission of the forum staff, can I give the Eve V Air its own thread where aspects of its concept can be debated and polled?


I think you don’t need a permission :wink: it’s a pretty good idea! just make sure to post it in the category “whats next” :wink: and start with your awesome announcement! i would buy such a device right away! :+1: