What mouse are you using right now

Just a general question connected to EVE Mouse Ideas . What mouse are you using right now / did you use, what would you improve on the mouse you are currently using, and what are features you want to also see on your next mouse?

So, I will start. Mi first, long used mouse was some mouse from brand genius. I do not remember everything about it but it was small and reliable. Than I bought aorus M2. Amazing mouse for it’s price, in EU it is just 17€. (In America it is double the price so not so nice) I used 3200 DPI, and also wanted to change software things… but it doesn’t support macOS and doesn’t have onboard memory I think. The only problem was that scroll wheel needed very hard press.
Not too long away, I bough Logitech G703 hero, and I absolutely love it. There were some little scratches when it came but that was… only problem D. The sensor is great, it has full support for macOS, RGB screen sampling color profile which is great, lasts me many days without charging, and when it needs to charge, lights turns to red and I plug it into charger. As I plugged receiver into computer it recognized it as mouse and I did not have to install any drivers. But Logitech G Hub is amazing… apart from fact that after turning off and on computer it sometimes does not turn on, but When I settled everything up, I must not open it because it is automatically running in background without crashing. The wireless-nes is great. I can left mouse without turning off and whole night it loses 0.5%, than when I again turn on computer I move it and cursor starts moving. I am also planning on doing small mod with QI wireless charging on bottom.

Corsair darkcore
It’s really nice, particularly like the texture and design. Dont like the accompanying program, too overly gamery and complicated and slow for simple customization. Battery life kind of small, and I cant customize the buttons as easily or nicely as I can with my logitech, but honestly great otherwise. Love it

Logitech Anywhere 2
Awesome mouse, a little small, and not as nice of a texture as darkcore but it’s amazing in every other way. Also no rgb but good regardless.

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I used to have a Razer Copperhead and was deeply in love with it :smiley:

When it broke after round about 5/6 years I got a myself a Razer Deathadder as Copperhead wasn’t available anymore.
This one I do have now since 4 years and still provides good service without any flaws.

When it comes to the reasons I chose those two:

  • Quite minimalistic (only two additional Buttons on the left side)
  • Ergonomics are awesome (at least for me)
  • DPI around 2000 - 2500
  • RGB (not necessary though)

Some years ago mu V fall on it’s left top corner and cracked the screen. The right side was still ‘touchscreen functional’, but the left part not.
That made a mouse urgently needed so I ran to a mall and got the first mouse I saw.
It was a 7$ from Eastern Technologies, a 2.4 G wireless thing.
It even has a Tesla look alike logo on it (though it has only one hand-pushed wheel).
As it refuses to die it is still in daily use.
Yearly expenses: 0.32$ / month. :blush:

I care a LOT about my peripherals since I mainly work on my computer, i touch my keyboard and mouse more then anything else. So I really don’t mind spending money on it.

Right now I have the MX Master 3, before that I had the Master 2s, before that the original Master, before that the Performance and before the MX Revolution. I also have an Anker vertical mouse for when the RSI gets to much. And a Logitech G502 LightSpeed for gaming.

I also got a Deltahub carpio to help with wrist straining. But that doesn’t really work with the MX Master 3 since the mouse itself it to high and angled it forces your wrist in an upward angle that started my issues to begin with.

I’m also very interested in the MX Vertical and Evoluent vertical mice. And I would love to try an trackball in the future.

I wish there were more DIY mouse stuff like mechanical keyboards have.

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I use the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse ( https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/surface-arc-mouse/8p5sv2rx3rn5?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab )

I love how portable it is, and it is very usable. Have used them for years.

I’m currently using the Logitech G502 Hero. I really like that it has many buttons, is a bit heavy, and has the free-scroll wheel. I just have a couple of problems with it: The first problem is that I sometimes get double click which from what I’ve seen is very common with Logitech mice. The other problem I have is that there isn’t enough space on the thumb side so I had to disable the “sniper” button since I clicked it by accident too much. Having adjustable weight is a very nice feature.

MadCatz RAT 9 on its dying bed. Alternate mouse: logitech g903. Would like to find another mouse like the RAT (large width, low height, lateral scroll). Don’t like the logitech so much.

I’m using a logitech m325 black version. nothing special…

My most favorite mouse is a wireless one made by Furado with not even a branding on it.
It’s nothing fancy, but extremely cheap (seen it for ~ 14 € today), light (53 g), sleek (fits in any pocket) and silent. At the same time it’s big, eh… better say long enough to fit in my not too small hands nicely.

My mouse pad’s rocking a Razer Naga Chroma, Apple Magic Mouse, and Razer Lachesis, each in control of their own computer and screen.

The two main mice couldn’t be any more different in terms of their size, profile, buttons (or lack thereof), and features… But I’m not sure what I’d do without the thumb buttons of the Naga nowadays, and I wouldn’t want to control my Mac with anything other than a Magic Mouse.

I use my good ol’ Logitech MX revolution at work, my MX master (1ste gen) for work at home and the G703 for gaming. I also have an Apple magic mouse (2nd gen I think, still AA battery based) in case I feel like some RSI.

Some experiences:

The MX master is in a worse state than the MX revolution. Mainly because the “hidden” button (the one in the thumb rest) broke. The mouse actually stopped working because of this and I had to cut out the button. One of the rubber bands in the thumbwheel of the MX Master also broke due to the rubber disintegrating.
Takeway: please don’t use (to much) rubber overmoulding. It wears of way to quickly and makes mice look gross. Avoid crevasses for the same reason, hands (or at least mine) are dirty.

Some ideas:

I use the trackpad on my Macbook Pro a lot as well. For a long time I even preferred it over using a mouse, partly because mouse support in MacOS sucks, because I worked on the train a lot and because the trackpad is just awesome and doesn’t take up extra deskspace. I even used it a lot for things like CAD design, but must admit this causes pain in the fingers. I think a mouse with integrated trackpad (like the Apple magic mouse) that is comfortable to hold (unlike the magic mouse) would be interesting. It allows for e.g vertical and “momentum” scrolling without a complicated mechanism like the MX master. It would also be easier to keep clean due to the lack of crevasses. Having some form of haptic feedback like what is done in the Steam controller could be great as well, this could even be used for adjustable click magnitude like what is done in new macbooks.

My perfect (work) mouse would be shaped a bit like the MX master, but made out of a solid piece of plastic (or other material) completely covered with touch sensors under the fingers (including the thumb). It would be paired with firmware and software allowing to set up a nearly limited amount of buttons, scroll wheels and gestures, allowing things like e.g pinch to zoom, 2-finger vertical and horizontal scroll, a thumb button, three finger swipes, …

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I use mouse mainly for gaming, but when I am writing something, doing 3D modeling I oftenly use trackpad on my MacBook. But reason for it can be that I have my mouse at 6400 DPI

Got a semi vertical BT + 2.4G Rechargeable Multi Device Mouse - Jelly Comb - Amazon (Probably a China Rebrand, but the best I’ve used so far).

Logitech MX Master 3.

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LogitechMX Master 2S
I like it because it has both Bluetooth and USB and supports three devices. I use it on my laptop and my Nvidia Shield TV. There is a 3S model out now however too expensive for my tastes. I was able to get the 2S for under 50 US because the 3S was hitting the shelves! It’s rechargeable as well.

I am using Logitech M590 for almost a year now. I love it. It is Bluetooth mouse and has wireless capability so i can use it with two devices.

I always prefer BT mouse; before this one, i have used Microsoft 3600 for more than 5 years; it was lovely mouse. Just got some rough hands of my daughter of four yo :slight_smile:

I use corsair ironclaw RGB wireless, it’s a wireless and gamer mouse.
my favorite features are:

  • two or more thumb buttons
  • two or more buttons to the left of the left button
  • textured grip on both sides of the mouse
  • adjust the hardness of the wheel using a small wheel under the mouse (like the razer basil)
  • wired, wireless and bluethoth connectivity with physical switch
  • USB-C and QI charging
  • wide finger rest
  • adjustable weight
  • RGB
  • switch exchangeable with many choices of switch type (omron D2F with standard PCB terminal)