What kind of wifi driver should I install on Linux?

So, hello everyone, i’m kinda new here.
Today I was triyng to install a debian distribution in my Eve T1, the problem is that the installer won’t find automatically the driver known ad “Ethernet card driver” so disabling every form of Wi-Fi.
I couldn’t found any specific list of part ef the Eve T1 so i really don’t know what driver should I install.
Thank for your reading and for your help.

The device manager on my T1 says it’s a Realtek TRL8723BS.

Hope I could help you out with that! :slight_smile:


from the command line to confirm/otherwise the device.

for Realtek

as root
apt-get install firmware-realtek

I usually add firmware-linux-nonfree
Might need to change your sources.list

deb Index of /debian testing main contrib non-free
deb-src Index of /debian testing main contrib non-free

Hope that’ helps

Thank you a lot in advance, now during the installation I skip the phase about Ethernet driver, but now the problem it’s another: I just can’t interact with my t1 after the boot, even if I try to switch to console mode.