What is your preferred anti-virus?

In another thread, What’s your “favourite” bloatware, several common anti-virus/anti-malware names were among what some people consider bloatware or even malware in their own rights.

I’ve used several programs over the years, including Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, Avast, Zonealarm and others I can’t remember now. Ultimately, I moved on from each of them out of dissatisfaction with my user experience. They all seemed intrusive to me in one way or another or I had to frequently tinker with settings. Recently I’ve settled for Windows Defender because it seems to demand my attention less frequently.

Now, I’ll admit I’m no anti-virus software expert. That’s why I’m turning to the Eve community. So, my question is, when your V arrives, what anti-virus/anti-malware software will you install and what makes that software the best choice for you?


Clamwin is my favorite by far.

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Bitdefender for computers with critical data. Microsoft Defender for normal toys.


ESET Smart Security is my favorite
It only ask if there are Problems and in the meantime it is quiet :wink: But it is not free, but there are discounts (~50%) for students.

Norton and McAfe (Or as I call it in German “MacAffe” = “MacMonkey”) are really awful in my opinion and Adobe should not include it in their installer with every product…


I like the sound of that. Do you know how the banking and payment protection works? Some systems have a secure browser that you would have to use for payment/banking protection.

I totally agree with you.
Notifications pops up only if there is any problem.
And, in my opinion eset don’t slows PC. (I don’t recognize slows applications after installing eset NOD 32 antivirus)

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Eset supports protection of online payments, too.

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If you open any online Banking site it automatically redirects you to a safe Browser, which is Based on Chrome as far as I know (I do not use this Feature myself :wink:)

Since Windows 8 I only use the defender and I never ever had problems with it. You can easily see how evective defender is, because Kaspersky intended to bring an legal action against microsoft to force them to refrain from deliver Windows with an built in antivirus solution (defender), I think specially after the creators update defender is comletely matured so one can use it without any worry.


I’ve been using Defender with no issues. I know it’s probably not on par with most of the competition, but it gets the job done for me and I like that it’s baked into the system. My main line of defense against viruses is usually backups and cautious browsing anyway.

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PC Mag doesn’t recommend it, but they’ve admitted that it does pretty well in the most recent tests.

Yup, I love ESET :smiley:

It automatically opens a new (protected) browser window. It’s pretty much a modified version of Firefox, but it has disabled plugins and some security modifications (and also strongly protected by ESET from viruses). It actually asks you if you want to continue or open that browser, but I think you can configure it to do it fully automatically.

Another thing that I love about ESET is that it doesn’t give me false alarms. Every other antivirus I’ve tried shows up with a virus that is not actually a virus once in a while. ESPECIALLY Norton :smile:

Well, I use kaspersky since my parents are covering that for me (I’m just a poor student). I haven’t encountered problems yet, it is not like my windows vista laptop that did crash after a year with norton antivirus.

Kaspersky Total Security and buy it with 5 or 10 licences to cover multiple laptops and smartphones for self and family

Currently works out less than UK£ 3 per machine that way - when bought from Amazon rather than direct

2017 has a basic VPN as well

Kaspersky is not bad, it’s just that last time I tried it was pretty heavy on CPU… ESET does slow my tablet down sometimes, but I’ve seen some Windows services like Superfetch much more active, so it’s not that bad :smile:


Windows Defender

It has served me well for as long as I remember and so I have no need to change.

It is fast. Maybe not the best solution but for my needs it is enough. I don’t go to obscure sites :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had money (:joy:) I’d probably go for Kaspersky :slight_smile:

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I’m still fan of the Norton band.
-Does its job
-ask once in a month to recheck your computer
-no else botherings

What do you want more :wink:

Bitdefender…quite…no performance hit on machine…


Im just using the Windows 10 inbuilt defender and my brain. Never had a several virus and when I had one I removed it manually with a Ubuntu Live Disk. When you use your brain you will hold off 80% of Malware from your PC. There is always a Zero Day Vulnarability in Software (Wanna Cry worm).

Also I dont like AVG, Avast or Avira. When you have a crack running, these programms are declaring it as Virus, but they are not.

Big Software companys are paying huges sums to these AntiVirus Companys, just that the cracks are listened as “Malware” and blocked on installation. (Just for the dump kiddies to scare them from piraty)

Microsoft kicked that bucket and is not backing up anymore Software Companys to listen cracks as Malware. Just when it really is Malware!


I use Avast Premier

Not because I think its the best, but I have had too many issues with Norton and others slowly eat the PC by slowing everything down. I have not yet taken the step of making WIndows Defender my primary tool, but I suspect that will happen eventually.