What is your current device?

Hey evengelist ! :hand_splayed:

The V is on it’s way and the launch getting very close !

We are all waiting for the :sparkles: GRAIL :sparkles: but we gotta settle with our current old barely working device :weary: !

This is mine, the surface pro 2, it is broken actually but still do the job, specially since my desktop is DEAD !

Be able to work and chill out everywhere, This is Freedom !

Dear surface pro 2, thank you, but your time is almost over ! :grin:

So what is yours ?


I have a custom build mini-itx desktop and a Dell Precision laptop (both running Arch Linux only) and then I have the Surface 3 (running Windows).

My really enjoy my desktop, it rarely had problems and works when I need it to (the specs I put in are good for Gaming and doing School Work)!

My laptop is pretty nice. It does have a few issues, though part being my fault and the other being a rare screen flicker and some weird slowdowns that happen once in a while but not often). This machine will last me for a while. I am not planning to replace it anytime soon. But I really hope portable e-gpus become an affordable thing soon… I have mixed feeling about Optimus support on Linux.

And finally, the device that I hate the most, the Surface 3. This is the device that I want to replace with the Eve table when an LTE version comes out. If it wasn’t for the nice pen support, LTE support (even though it has problems), and Onenote, I would have thrown this device out of the window. It so slow, it’s buggy as hell (I apologize for my language), and it has problems charging sometimes, very unacceptable.

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I have ASUS Trio TX201LA - 3-in-1 solution. It has Core i7-4500U but just 4G of (soldered) RAM.
Quite nice and powerful machine, with good stamina for this CPU. Embedded Intel HD GPU also gives satisfactory results (passed Mass Effect 2 & 3). But detachable android tablet is mostly useless, and since it contains proprietary convertible switch - i cannot replace it with something more appropriate like sailfishos or ubuntu touch.

While being light and durable - it’s still not enough portable. It’s very good for a travel, but apparently a bit too big for a walk.

So while I’m not looking for its replacement, I’m still looking for more portable device which can complement it on the go - without sacrificing functionality I need.

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Custom desktop and Acer W700 :slight_smile: I love my tablet, but I’m unfortunate enough to have the least powerful model and it suffers from driver bugs and the BIOS is plain stupid. It’s now time to upgrade, and I can’t decide between Eve V and Lenovo Y700, because the latter is cheaper, has a quad core CPU and a dGPU, and from my friend’s experience gets 5h battery life which is enough for me. But then, I’m already spoiled by touch interface and I would love to try that pen and get rid of (at least some of) my paper notebooks :slight_smile:


I have a home brewed desktop, an ASUS ROG laptop that has a forty pound brick transformer which is kinda handy for remote things, both of these are several years old, but going strong.

I use my desktop 95% of the time I’m using a device.

I also have a newer Nexus 6P, which is awesome even though I hardly use it for anything other than texting, checking the weather, some news, and looking things up on the go.

I have a Samsung tablet that sucks kicking around here somewhere as well, but I only ever used it for watching some tv shows.

I would like a new tablet/laptop device that is truly portable, not made of cheap plastic, and with a great screen. Something I could use a pen on would be amazing as well… powerful enough to run some design stuff would be doubly amazing, and it’s looking like the Eve V will more than cover these bases–I am looking forward to augmenting my style to suit it’s strengths.

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I don’t have a laptop device. My old 2012 MacBook Air (I had Windows 10 installed on it because I strongly dislike OSX) that my highschool forced everyone to buy, died in July this year and since then I’ve been waiting for a Surface-like device that has more features (USB-C Thunderbolt 3 specifically) to make the price more reasonable. In Australia, they’re stupidly expensive (~AUD$3000 for i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD).

It’s been pretty difficult doing any university studies away from home without a laptop/computer, so I’m hoping PF turns out as great as it sounds. I was waiting for the Asus Transformer 3 Pro, but there’s been some pretty bad reviews.

Looks like if I don’t get a PF, I’ll be waiting for the SP5 and hoping it has USB-A and USB-C Thunderbolt 3.


For me it would be my ASUS T100 Chi…
Except it broke 2 months ago, two months out of warranty :frowning:
The things extremely sturdy - too sturdy! The charging port broke, and even ASUS themselves can’t/won’t open it up to fix it.
Performance was acceptable for video-watching, note-taking, and light gaming (think angry birds), and the sturdyness really helped with my clumsy self. I’ve dropped it from ~1m on tile flooring a few times, with only some small scratches.
I was mostly using it for note-taking (I’m in university); it was one of the cheaper models you can get in Canada ~1.5 years ago that had a stylus. If it still worked, I’d probably use it for a few more years.
I’ve had to switch back to paper and pen notebooks, and it’s such a hassle, I have to worry about keeping my notes organized, I can’t just pull them up at any device with internet at any time, and I’ve had to worry about spacing.
Even worse is I’m commuting this year, so now I have almost 3 hours per day with minimal productivity, since most of my courses use pdf notes, slides, and videos and I’d rather not carry around a stack of papers I’d have to keep organized and not lose.
My parents (who are funding my tuition) approved me getting a new device Jan 2017, and this seems like a solid device that will hopefully last me until the end of udnergraduate studies. My budget (not concrete yet) might be enough to cover the lowest-cost model - here’s hoping it does!


Correction: they’re stupidly expensive everywhere. The prices are just ridiculous, and I would immediately switch schools without thinking if they tried to make me buy one of that crap :smile:

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I’m yet to have a laptop, but I’m currently using the iPad 4th generation, and I’m impressed by everything except iOS9 & 10, they made it a bit laggy.

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Microsoft probably could’ve sold more if it was a bit cheaper, but then there’s the whole price to quality marketing concept where average people would think it’s not a good device if it’s too cheap. Frustrating!!
Haha, sometimes I wish I did leave but it was the only non-religious coed private school nearby so there wasn’t a great deal of choice! :smile:

So, my current devices…

For mobile I’m right now heaving around my Dell Vostro 3560 - a decent 15.6" notebook with 5.75 pounds (2.6kg). While it still holds up pretty decent with an i5 Ivy Bridge CPU and 6GB of RAM (godsend - 4GB would’ve killed my productivity quite often already), it’s battery was never the greatest and after over 3 years usage the battery barely holds for an hour.

At home I’m rocking my Desktop that’s now also got 3 years on it’s back - this time with an Haswell i5, 12GB RAM and a dGPU. And quite a bunch of new stuff that’s cost nearly as much as the Desktop itself back in the day, like a mechanical keyboard, a new DAC (thanks again @pauliunas for helping me chose a decent one! :smiley: ) and more :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I misread your comment and thought you meant macbooks are expensive. But I think we’ll both agree that the price is ridiculous for both of them :slight_smile: well, at least Microsoft has an interesting form factor…
Don’t get me wrong, Surface Pro 4 is my dream device (apart from Eve V) but its price is just ridiculous. It’s not even for sale in Lithuania, because people here are smart enough to keep their money to themselves :smile:

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A custom desktop that’s about 6 years old, but it still works fine and plays most of the games I want. And a Nexus 7, which is a great little tablet, but I’m increasingly frustrated by the limits of android from the stuff I want to do. A 2 in 1 is what I need.


I used to have an ASUS N76VB laptop but I had to sell it unfortunately. It was a great machine and after selling it I had no device with a screen larger than 5" so I purchased my current device - a 2007 iMac 20" with a Core2Duo and 2GB RAM. Oh and let’s not forget it has an ATi (no, not AMD) HD2400 128MB video card :smiley: It may be low-spec (more like laughable-spec) but it is running OSX 10.11 just fine without sweating (too much) and considering I got it for roughly 75Euro with a 12-month guarantee it is a great machine. Until Eve V launches of course :upside_down:


surface pro 4, but gonna sell this out to afford eve :stuck_out_tongue:


Right now as my daily driver is my company’s Macbook Pro 13" Early 2015.

I used to have my Surface Pro 2 with me but due to it’s age it got slow and the battery started to die :frowning:

Can’t wait to get on this amazing PC!


I guess I’m very lucky… my Acer W700 hasn’t become any slower, and the battery is still bearable… I actually bought it before the original Surface Pro was released :stuck_out_tongue:


I also have the original Surface Pro but the battery lasts for 1 hour :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow xD then I’m lucky. My tablet still gets 4h of reading/browsing and 2h of actually doing something :stuck_out_tongue:

I to am a owner of the Surface Pro 2, performance wise it still holds up as my daily driver when taking notes, reading, browning the web and doing medium to heavy CAD’ing. The battery is actually still at 89% capacity after nearly two and a half year which is pretty nice. The most disappointing thing about this device is the over all engineering of it, poor VaporMG (color) durability and the kickstand design feel like its done by an intern. If I’ll invest in the V I’m unsure about currently. But a V phone would probably be a instant buy!

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