What is you favourite gadget currently?

Hello Eve Community!

I have started this topic to ask you what are your favorite tech products currently? Feel free to talk about products you own or products you would like to own! This discussion is important for us to understand what exactly makes certain tech product “a great choice”. We are also meeting our design partners this Thursday in Stockholm so you posts would be very useful!

So reply to this thread by:

  1. Telling what is your favorite tech product so far

  2. Why it is great and what makes you love it

  3. Feel free to post pictures! That would be amazing :slight_smile:

Just a couple of devices off my head that I’ve been mentioning around here. I mainly like them for their hardware design which is always my first box to tick when selecting a device:

  1. Nuans Neo (use of wood)

  2. Nextbit Robin (very particular design)

  3. My current device, Lumia 920

  4. Motorola Moto X Style (use of wood)

Hey guys,

I have in fact got three favorite tech products I own today I wanna share with y’all.

Surface Pro 2
An oldie, but still a goodie! I just love my SP2 for the same reason other owners love it I guess. It’s just a full fledged PC in tablet form. This thing is the first portable device that fully replaced my desktop PC. I bought it on day 1 years ago and it still is one of my favorite tech-thingies in my house today. It’s portable (although a bit heavy as a tablet by nowaday standards), surely powerful enough for the thing I do with it, has a full fledged USB port :clap: and it has an awesome handy build-in kickstand to boot! (use the kickstand A LOT by the way). Oh and I have that beautiful docking station to go with that, where I connected my second monitor to. It shows its fair share of wear 'n tear though; light scratches on the material, edges of the kickstand have little dents etc. But tech-wise I have no issues whatsoever. Windows 10 flies on this thing (below is an older photo when I had Windows 8.1). It’s muchos awesomeness. This is my small but cute setup:

Xbox One
I also love my Xbox One. What I love about this console is that it is the core of my TV setup. My setup box goes through the Xbox One, I watch Netflix on it, I stream movies from my NAS and another small thing…what was it again…oh yeah, it lets me play awesome games!! :grinning:
I use my Surface Pro 2 and my Eve T1 to stream Xbox games to them, I love that feature. That way I can take a shit :hankey: while still playing my favorite games! How freakin awesome is that?

Robo Cleaner
My final favorite tech is: my robo cleaner!

Tech is automatically vacuuming your house, at the same time you enjoy your other favorite tech? What? That’s insane! And oh so awesome! So yeah… I’m a bit of a lazy bum but who cares. You can program the robo to suck dust when you leave the house. And when the battery is low, it finds the charging station, docks, charges to 100% and resumes it’s cleaning duties. What? Tell me how this isn’t pure awesomeness…
All jokes aside, this thing is handy as hell (for a lazy bum like me). If this thing will be able to cook it might replace my wife. Wait, you guys didn’t make her an Eve insider right? Oh good… so she can’t read this then :joy:

I am with @oranje with this. My first tick box is also always the design of the device. I know you will include the Pyramid Flipper with the best possible hardware and features for it’s price range. But to make the Pyramid Flipper: “This is the gadget I need to have” the design is the most crucial element of all :slight_smile:

  1. Surface Pro 4 - I just love my Surface. Light and beautiful design. Powerful. Use it daily.

  2. The new Dell Lattitude 11-5000. Really looks great. If there would not be an Surface I think this would be my choice.

By Binging and GooglingTablet concepts” I chose the following ones as the design got to me

  1. This is a concept from Audi. The tablets look nice from design point of view, maybe a bit too thick. It could also be the environment that made them look good :slightly_smiling:

  2. This was the the early concept of the Nokia 2520 tablet. But the Nokia design language is beautiful to the eye. The production version is not this beautiful.

  3. Looking glass concept. Found when googling and saw this image. The base has a matte surface . Something appealing in the design.

  4. Eve T1 of course which I use daily. But as agreed, now it is time for an update and to make it even better with the new Pyramid Flipper. But I need a new 8 inch tablet, not a Surface replacement at this point :slight_smile:

  5. Forgot my Lumia 950 XL. I just love this phone, lightweight, big screen and Continuum is great.

Just one more update. 6. Jolla tablet. Something in the design is also appealing. Nice to the eye, maybe a bit too thick from this angle, but a good looking device.

@oranje, I see you really like wood) I agree that it feels quite awersome and very refreshing after all those devices build from aluminum. I also like Nuans Neo a lot! I tried to get one but it seemed to be too complicated.

Just one question, what is so appealing in the Nextbit for you? I like it overall on the picture but not the actual models.

@Sonny as always an amazing reply Happy to see T1 there :smiley:

@suominena it is very interesting to see that design matters a lot to you! We are on the same page here! We can’t wait to show you some concepts!

Thank you all for your replies. They will help us a lot tomorrow when we meet our design partners!


  1. Fitness band Fitbit HR
    Grate band the best value per cost it last for 4 full day with full activity, sync perfectly to the phone.
    monitor lots of parameters and compere it to the size of other bands it is small.

  2. my Irobot well that is my best friend :slightly_smiling:, it is a perfect companion that keep my house clean:

  3. my Phone the new Lumia 950XL, well i was skeptic about this device but it work, the only down side it is the ecosystem but all the Apps’ that i need exist

I love my Nokia Lumia 820 :slight_smile:

@Konstantinos Yes I like wood and also the nextbit robin but for both of these I still have never handled either in person. I’m attracted to the Robin because of it’s completely curve-less design, it immediately stands out. It’s kind of how I like my buildings where I’m more into linearity and angularity (Daniel Libeskind vs Frank Gehry for example, put in some pictures below for you to understand better) so possibly it’s my inner architect instinct that’s pulling me towards the robin. Colour choices are cool and the details seem to work nicely in pictures. Maybe handling it will change my impression but I’ll have to wait for that since it’s not available for purchase at the moment. It’s a contender for my next phone (have decided to stick with my Lumia 920 for some more time) so maybe soon enough I’ll be able to handle it! The Neo is also a contender but, unfortunately as you mentioned, that would be a much more complicated target.



Just saw this on GSMArena.com and I really like the front design with the speakers incorporated into the metal band. The way the screen looks within that metal framing is also nice, could almost look “bezel-less”. What do you guys think?

You are right! It combines both the sharp edges of the screen and soft metal curves around it. Personally I am huge fanof screens that are covered with glass all the way and purely black:) Like on the OnePlus

Just ordered the oneplus two yesterday, since you mentioned it, with extra bamboo cover! I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

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Hey make unboxing video or photos:)!

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Right now, it’s my Pioneer XDP-100R. Great DAP with that sounds way better than any smartphone I’ve used. Android, touchscreen and tons o storage capacity with two microSD slots. It has a rugged industrial look, but nothing I’d want copied over by eve for the Flipper :grin: