What is the name of the Trailer song of Eve V?

Hey guys so i ve heard about Eve V then checked out the trailer on official site and the music in it is just fancinating.
Does anyone know thee name of the song in that trailer?
Here is the link to that trailer’s youtube if anyone doesn’t know what I am refering to:

It’d great to hear that you like it!

I’ll ask from Underdog, our awesome design partners! They are in the US now so it’s a bit too early there :slight_smile:


Hey @Broccoli_Treee this piece was written by Russian electronic producer Aleksey Salangin (Aleksey Kraft)


Thank you for replying, I ve found Aleksey Kaft’s Soundcloud page but couldnt find this particular song, do you by any chance know the name of this song? :wink:

lol thank you for the quick reply and asking your partner for me! ;))

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I’m also curious about the title of the song or the original song.