What is technical term for pressure sensitive screen

help. My old laptop=maincomputer is getting older. I want to look for a replacement (not V, the V will hopefully be my outdoors painting device :slight_smile: ) .
I’m looking for more screen real estate, like 15".
I’m looking for… a screen like the SP & V = where I can paint on.

HOW DO I SEE in specifications that the device I’m looking at, has this kind of a screen?

What is the “technical term” to look for if I want a pressure sensitive screen like the SP and V?

(I have been searching in the internet for this “term” if it exists and just cannot find it, so I turn to this knowledgeable community…)

Look for something along the lines of “pen support” or “pressure levels”. That should indicate whether or not the device is capable of pen input.

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If you are looking for a computer you can draw on, I believe it is not the screen that is pressure sensitive, but rather the pen used for drawing.

Same as @samkri98, look for something like “pen support”.

If you are looking for a 15" device, the Surface Book 2 is an OK (but very expensive) option.

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It depends a little bit on the technologies used for the sensitivity I believe, but ‘Active Digitizer’ is the term I have historically seen.

just look for “active digitizer support”. There’s no pressure sensitivity in the screen. It’s in the pen. It’s very rare in a 15" device. For bigger screens check for your main computer smth. like Dell Canvas (not a All In One) or Surface Studio (AIO)… (27")
The only 15" Laptop (360°) i know with pen support is the new hp spectre x360.

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I think you got it worked out yourself.

I have seen it called a pressure sensitive screen many times or force touch.

Each is going to try to have their own proprietary name for it. Like Apple’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screen.

But as the guys here have already said it’s a matter of going into and through the specs.

oh thank you all. I knew I can count on you.

EDIT and this morning my oool’ Thinkpad did NOT act up like every morning as if it wanted to tell me “hey I’m not old yet” :joy:

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mainlaptopcomputer ordered.
the race begins.
who will arrive first, the mainlaptopcomputer or the V???
SUSPENSE :smiley: