What is 'Creator"-rank?

I just got creator and was wondering what it acutally means to be a creator :smiley:


It means that you were part of creating the V.


How did you choose if someone was part or not of the group? They had to post a reply during a certain timeframe?


I’d ask @Konstantinos how he decided who to add.


I think Tester should be considered as higher rank, but whatever
PS Much spin Such green Wow
PPS and now PS is irrelevant


Just checking if I got the spinning dog thing and what’s up with the title

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All this spinning is making me dizzy :stuck_out_tongue:
very wow, much confused …

Yes, better icon plz!

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Icon plz


Is “creator” now a better status than “regular”? :wink:
Switching to regular as a status next to my user name I can still keep the little icon for creator on my image… so that’s cool :slight_smile:

Yep, “Prototype Testers” rank should have higher display priority. Currently, nearly everyone is a creator and you can’t distinguish who has a prototype and who not…
@iKirin, @nawthor - could you please look into this?


The icon flair is based on your primary group, so it’ll stay so long as no one changes that.
@s.auler I am working on it. As it seems I can’t get the system to do it for me, I am right now going through and manually changing the title of the testers.


You can select your flair from your profile :slight_smile:

Yes I can select a title, but I can only select “regular” and “none”. I can’t select the “prototype testers” group. Can you?

If you go to your own profile and select “prototype tester” in the dropdown under settings it will display this again (so I assume all prototype testers would have to do this if @nawthor doesn’t get it to work system based).

But that’s how I got the “regular” back :slight_smile:

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For some reason, I never had the prototype tester flair… so i “still” can’t select it ;D

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I’ve got the same problem… :wink:

Aaaand I just destroyed my title
You really should make it possible to choose titles… I mean group titles

I just want to clarify a bit here. There are titles and there are groups. Prototype Testers is a group. Regular is a title.
The reason why some have Prototype Tester as a title is that the primary group is set to be one’s title if it isn’t changed to something else. It’s the same with Insiders.

No worries dudes! It’s part of a test :smiley:

I will keep cats for now:) Ill put up a post. New customer service structure is almost ready!

Go to category view to see what I mean :smiley: