What is a "host device"

Just got my monitor. I open up the quick start guide, feeling smug that of course I would know how to hook up a monitor.

Step 1. Connect a HDMI or DP cable from the source device to the monitor. Okay easy enough. The source device is my PC.

Step 2. Connect a USB-type B cable from the monitor to the… host device… What is the host device? Sorry I’m old school. I wasn’t really planning on doing whatever fancy daisy chaining or power delivery etc etc with this monitor. I just wanted the 4k/144hz at that price point.

Do I absolutely need this usb-b connection if I don’t plan on doing anything besides looking at the monitor?

“Host device” is just another way of saying source. You don’t need to connect a usb-b/c if you don’t plan on using the integrated usb hub in the monitor.

You will need to connect a USB-b/c cable if you plan on upgrading the firmware however.

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