What happened to Monitor skins?

I haven’t seen any talk around monitor skins or what the designs will be, and they haven’t been included in any of the manufacturing or design updates that I’ve seen, even though they were a large part of the original advertising.

From the website:

Customize your Spectrum with one of our high-quality skins. We are currently developing the skins and more designs will be selected based on community’s suggestions as Spectrum nears production.

Does anyone know what the current plans are for skins? Have they been forgotten, neglected, or intentionally dropped because of the delays?
Does anyone even care about them after the monitor itself has been delayed so much?
Will they be an aftermarket addition from the web store?

If they’re still going to be included, what designs are available? Maybe a community competition similar to the wallpaper one could be fun! (Although I would want a broader design brief, as I’d want a choice of skins not limited to eve themed ones).


On the main page, it does say “Coming Soon” on that section, so I’d guess it is something they are planning to make available after the initial waves of shipping.


I think it will become an option as part of the checking out process where you will be able to buy cables and choose shipping.


I’m keen to see these Skins. Admittedly I probably won’t order one unless at least one catches my eye, and I simply must have.

It would be cool if there was a competition for designing the monitor skins, but with little time now before release; this may not be plausible.


Hey, @naffarn! We just updated our progress on the Vinyl skins so far. Thank you for pointing this out. We can look into the possibility of a community contest after confirming that we will include customized color-printed skin options; you can read more about the details in our topic.