What happened in November 2016

This is a collection of announcements and updates from the Eve team. It provides a look into the history of the company and its projects.

Please note that this is a collection of old news: plans may have been altered since based on new developments, and statements may have been superseded by more recent ones. Polls are no longer active (results are included wherever possible) and links (both to other community posts and external resources) may no longer be valid.

November 2, 2016: Eve gives: Winners of the 50€ Steam gift cards raffle!

November 3, 2016: Implementing the referral program part 2

November 8, 2016: Something is clearly happening here

November 10, 2016: Eve V Final Hardware Specifications

November 14, 2016: Eve’s referral program pilot. Help us spread the word about ▼

November 15, 2016: I found this on desk this morning :astonished:

November 16, 2016: Eve V Hardware Configurations

November 16, 2016: Guess the price! Win your Eve V i7 for free

November 21, 2016: Eve V IndieGoGo Prices

November 21, 2016: If you missed your chance - you can make a downpayment to get a V in the batch right after the IndieGoGo batch!

November 22, 2016: Latest News: Indiegogo crashed due to record breaking demand and more

November 23, 2016: Indiegogo Stretch Goals! Let’s figure it out!

November 25, 2016: Record Breaking Eve V Indiegogo & :fire: :fire: Project: Friday Flipper :fire: :fire:

November 25, 2016: Stretch goals Part 3. Backers will get Mozo case. But which one?

November 29, 2016: Should we crowd-develop protective case from scratch in our community? Stretch goal discussion part 5

November 30, 2016: PART 1 of Eve Protective Sleeve Development. The Basics

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