What happened in June 2016

This is a collection of announcements and updates from the Eve team. It provides a look into the history of the company and its projects.

Please note that this is a collection of old news: plans may have been altered since based on new developments, and statements may have been superseded by more recent ones. Polls are no longer active (results are included wherever possible) and links (both to other community posts and external resources) may no longer be valid.

June 14, 2016: Naming our baby! How should we name Pyramid Flipper?

[quote=“Konstantinos, post:1, topic:1330”]
Most of you joined this community to participate in the development of the device codenamed Pyramid Flipper. Now its time to select the name for our baby as it shapes up. I’ll keep it short so you can unleash your creativity.

FYI T1 = Tablet 1

And remember our goal is to avoid situation like with Boaty McBoatface at all cost :grin:

So start your engines and let’s select the best name for PF. Make sure to like the posts of names you like the most!

We will later either run a vote on the best names or get the one that we really love :heart_eyes_cat:[/quote]

June 23, 2016: Support by the community and what’s in for you!

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