What games have you been playing recently?

Just thought I would make a thread; to see what games we’ve all been playing recently.

I’ve personally just reached New game+ on DemonSouls; in between playing Warzone.

Now with the release of Soulstorm I will be playing this for a few weeks.


So what games have you been playing recently?
Any recommendations?


Rocket League because I have nothing else to play and its free now… how is Soulstorm? I saw that game on some of the PS5 game releases but it seemed a little weird.


The Witness. Really intelligent and fun game, as well as free on PSN right now.


I’ve not actually played it yet. It was released today; so I’ve just downloaded it. I’ll be playing it later.

I’ve played all the previous games. The game’s characters, are usually pretty funny. I Love the mechanic of being able to make Abe fart, and the other Mudokens reactions are hilarious!

The game’s lore is excellent. Soulstorm is more of a reboot to the franchise’s 2nd release. Where New, and tasty is a remastered version of the 1st game.

I watched a video of the mechanics Soulstorm. Some of it seems a bit much, but I’m sure it will be a great game. I’m just going to play it for the lore to be honest!

I played Uncharted 4: A Thieves End over the December period. That was a great game; a bit like Tomb Raider, but with a guy. Great Lore; seemed a bit like playing a character in a film.


Yeah, I’ve played Uncharted 4. It’s a really good game. Also… Soulstorm is free?!? Why didn’t you say so haha.


I really should have! Yeah the PS5 version is currently free for PS+!

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Last few games were AC: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, and currently playing Evil Genius 2.


I need to get back onto Immortals: Fenyx Rising. I’ve got like 3 hours play time, but I got distracted with other games. From what I played though really enjoyed it. Think it would have been a lot better with coop multiplayer.


Ooh, I’m waiting for AC: Valhalla to go on sale, those games are great but not worth $60 imo. I can’t wait to play it though.


I got it on sale and really enjoyed it. Went in not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. It took a little bit to get used to the cartoon style of the characters, but enjoyed the humor and story. Hope Ubisoft keeps making new IP like this in the future. The DLC was pretty great as well.


I was the same way since I could not find AC and WD on sale anywhere even with them being out so long. I ended up buying Ubisoft+ for two months and played through both. So for $30 I got two games. I usually do not replay games so not a big loss for me.


iRacing and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


I actually bought Immortals, and Demon Souls from eBay. Since the nextgen consoles released; people have been buying games, and putting them on eBay after completion; to get as much money back as possible. So they can buy more games. Pretty smart actually, if they really like the game they can buy back later when cheaper.

I hate how expensive games are for NextGen! I don’t mind £40-£50; but even that’s expensive in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind spending around £50-£70 on a limited edition version.

I remember when Modern warfare 2 was released. I purchased the “hardened edition” for £50, and that was a limited edition version. I didn’t mind that price, and the regular version was £30 I think.

I couldn’t believe Demon souls was £70! For a remastered game! It’s a very good game, but definitely not £70 good.
I got it for £45 2nd hand mint for £45 early December on eBay.

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I really have gotten into Outriders in the past few days. May not be a cinematic classic, but the combat is great. Would check it out!

Edit: nearly positive its cross platform. Also optimized for the newest gen consoles!


I’ve heard Outriders is pretty good. Im going to have to check some clips out.

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It is really good and looks great. However i have it due to game pass ultimate. I am not sure this game would be worth $60. But, if you like fast paced combat, a gears of war copy cover and roll system, TC division like radar, and a destiny/overwatch ability mix…then buy it now🤣


Mostly Destiny 2 (PC / PS5) and Outriders (PC). Can’t wait for a new monitor as my 3080 is being bottlenecked by my current LG. Still, a smooth 60fps and dlss is nice.


Cyberpunk 2077. So much Cyberpunk… 127 hours so far, still haven’t finished a single play-through.

And a little bit of C&C Remastered for nostalgia’s sake. I remember playing it as a teenager, and there’s a good chance that my parents probably still have the game CDs from 20+ years ago.


I loved Destiny 2; not played the beyond light expansion yet though.

Wow that’s impressive. I heard very bad reviews from my friends so never bothered. It must be a good game to put that many hours into it!

Wow what a game! I remember having that on PS1. Didn’t even realise they did a remaster!?

I still play Age of empires series sometimes for that good old nostalgia!

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It’s not too bad on the PC with a decent graphics card. Sure, there’s still bugs and things that aren’t perfect, but it’s a decent game with a decent story. I tend to spend a lot of time looking around and doing side quests, rather than just going through the main storyline, but I have no regrets spending this much time in the game.

EA released it in June last year (product page). The remaster has both C&C and Red Alert, so there’s plenty of game to play.


I’m going to have to tell my cousin about that. Brings back some amazing memories!

Hey, if I spent 127 hours on a game. I would consider that money well spent! I think I’ll wait till they release a DLC, or something for it. Hopefully by then everything will be ironed out.

I’ve spent like 12 hours on SoulStorm since yesterday. I could have been further through the game, but I like to save as many Mudokens as possible. The game itself is amazing, but there are some really annoying glitches:

  • Early game issues with mines, and spacing to deactivate.

  • Wierd falling glitch/loop

  • Although not a glitch; I was close to the end of a level, and trapped myself in a secret area, because a Slig was at the other side of the door (Very annoying; almost rage quit). Luckily I found a way to get out of this situation; it involved spamming the door, and throwing a stun IED.

  • Random float glitch when possessed a Slig on the blimp level.

  • Randomly falling through the map.

Other than that: The cinematics have been great, and the lore (my main reason for playing) has been just as expected so far (amazing).

It’s got me glued, and few games do that to me these days.