What existing accessories you plan to get for your V?

There are threads for dedicated items like portable chargers etc. There are also threads that request Eve to design.

But there is no thread on random accessories that exist from third-party. Any cool little gadget/accessories you plan to get with V?

I for one plan to get a magnetic USB-C. I love my Macbook magnetic charger.



I’ve been looking at these too. One for my V and one for my 950XL. I’ve found a lot on eBay but not sure how you tell if they are quality. Have you picked out a brand yet?

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Not as of yet. Best to go on Amazon and read reviews I’m afraid. Best to try to find a cable that’s threaded to avoid wires from fraying. Or get Sugru and apply on the ends like so.

Sugru also another accessory i recommend as a gadget.


What I plan to get/already got for my V are the following:

  • USB-C to HDMI adapter
  • HDMI input switch for my monitor

And that’s basically it since I’m pretty light on accessories anyways :wink:


I have short wires for travel. I need to get other types (usb-c to usb-c)

The magnetic Charger is a pretty cool idea :slight_smile:
I already bought a little hub with HDMI and Ethernet and I’m thinking of a controller for playing emulators.
I also have a USB DJ controller to hook up with my V and a lighting controller for work.
For the moment that’s all till I find something interesting… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


niceeee, i got my playstation controller ready for remote play.


This is what I am going to have on top of my desck, connected to V.


I’ve just ordered the new hp envy34 curved display for using the V on my desktop. It has a USB-C port which is able to provide electricity to the connected device.


It’s been said before but I really wanted this to ensure the USB-C ports would last as long as possible :slight_smile: However seems like there is a constant delay on this product. Does anyone know of any other MagSafe-ish products that does both charge and data?


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I already bought it… with this, V turns into an awesome workstation.

wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a spreadsheet/chart comparing all these docks? :wink:


Looks great. Wish the USB was on the back.

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I already bought a Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB monitor. It has a QHD IPS display, built-in speakers, USB-C, HDMI, VGA and displayport connections, 3xUSC 3.0 ports and and Ethernet port. The USB-C port delivers upto 60W power to charge the V.


My EVE V will be plugged to “old” Benq BL3200 (32") via miniDP (need to find dock), I’m planning to buy 256 GB micro SD (probably Samsung EVO+) and some USB-C travel dock (with VGA, LAN, HDMI and some USB 3.0), this one is now hot candidate:

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Or this one + another USB-C to VGA one:

Once I scrounge up the necessarily funds to purchase the V, I plan on getting at least the first accessory and possibly the second one I list. The first of these accessories is a TRENDnet USB-C hub. This USB-C hub would allow me to connect a full-size USB device, HDMI display at up to 4K@30Hz, and charge via USB-C simultaneously. The second of these devices is an AKiTiO Node eGPU box. I could use it to take my current GTX 1060 6GB GPU with me anywhere and run it as a slave graphics device from my V. I believe both of these accessories are the best balance in pricing and reliability (i.e. highest customer reviews) for the features they provide in their respective product categories:


Also available in UK for £64.90 https://www.amazon.co.uk/MINIX-Multiport-Ethernet-Compatible-Technology/dp/B01NAO8OPX/ref=pd_sim_147_6?

Faster ethernet more £85 https://www.amazon.co.uk/MINIX-USB-C-Multiport-Adapter-HDMI/dp/B01ANITHVQ/ref=pd_sim_23_6?

Seems to cover what I want as standard ports that can sit on desk and have just the usb connection to V along then with audio and power

Smaller version without ethernet and card reader @ £45 https://www.amazon.co.uk/MINIX-USB-C-Multiport-Adapter-HDMI/dp/B01ANITHVQ

Damn…now im looking at monitors. Pretty nice to have the hub actually built into the monitor itself!

Currently plan on using the V with my Continuum dock (hoping it will function alright), so I can output to an external monitor and setup I already own.
In the future, plan on getting a good USB 3.0 (Type A) docking station, so that I can hook up my 4 Tb drive to the V, as well as some other drives, and have it all be backwards compatible with my Dell Inspiron laptop.

I’m all about backwards compatibility, as I’m tired of buying multiple adaptors for multiple products, just to see them only be used for 2-3 years.

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