What driver for thunderbolt 3?

I used a driver designed for other tablets, it works, however, when i installed my gtx970 with akitio node, the performance were lame, only few fps improved when playing rainbow six siege.

i was wondering it might be the driver’s problem, please help, if possible, is there any full egpu setup guide in this forum anywhere?

Have you installed Nvidia drivers? You need the thunderbolt 3 drivers to detects the gpu and graphics drivers to ise the gpu. My setup is the akitio node + gtx1060 and i don’t have any issues.

yes, everything works find, i even pull image directly from gpu sources.
but the game performance were lame.

Did you set the game to take advantage of the gpu?

Do you use the integrated display or an external monitor? When using integrated display, it will rob some of the already-saturated bandwidth, and therefore impacts the perfromance.

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I used an external monitor directly from GPU, I think I figured out why tho.

the 7Y75 CPU kinda bottle necked the GPU performance, Im trying to find a way to find a way to have the CPU go up to 3.4ghz as long as possible using ThrottleStop, but it seems like i need to do something in BIOS.

I didnt get any luck using ThrottleStop. I was only able to change the parameters using Intel XTU. The one that works from my experience was Advanced Tuning > Core > Turbo Boost Power Max. The standard value of 7Y75 is 4.5 W, but Eve has upped it to 7 W. You can bring it further if you want, at the risk involved with upping the processor TDP. Note that you will still be limited by cooling, and that heavily depends on the ambient temperature. It is better to have the CPU throttled by the setting here than leaving it unlimited as PROCHOT throttling will throttle the CPU all the way down to 800 MHz for split seconds.

Assuming its around 20-25C, I think 10 W or 10.5 W is a safe value, as shown in the graph here https://dough.community/t/ikirins-i5-performance-report/6126/39

I didn get any luck with throttlestop either. I will give XTU a shot and see how it goes. you mean by turning up the voltage using XTU will push the performance further?

I have tested it, it does work, when I turned the voltage up to 10W, the FPS in game were about 10 frames better.
and I managed to keep the temperature around 176℉