What do you think of the updated Dell XPS 13 and 15? What would you change?

So the Dell XPS 13 and 15 have been updated with the following changes:

Shared on both models:

  • USB-C only, no USB-A, no proprietary charging port
  • SD card replaced with microSD
  • 4 lanes TB3 (up from 2 lanes)
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Windows Hello camera
  • New gold-white finish (old silver-black is still available)

13" only:

  • 8th-gen quad-core Intel CPU
  • 52 Wh battery, down from 60 Wh
  • 4K resolution, up from 3200 x 1800

15" only:

  • 65W variant of Kaby Lake-G CPU (Intel CPU and AMD GPU), replacing Kaby Lake HQ CPU and GTX 1050 GPU
  • 75 Wh battery, down from 97 Wh
  • MagLev keyboard

In my opinion, it is quite a mistake to omit all USB-A ports. Having zero vs. one USB-A port make a HUGE difference. Also replacing SD with microSD seems unnecessary to me.

The reduction in weight isn’t all that much, but the reduction in battery capacity (12% and 25% for the 13 and 15, respectively) is definitely significant. I dont think the tradeoff is worth it, in my opinion


I have same thoughts … With ports they are copying Apple. Only small thing - Dell XPS 15 2-1 is not replacement of “old” Dell XPS 15 but new addition to this line. 2018 XPS 15" will be announced later.



Not great, but not a big deal. There are USB-A SD adapters.


Good, but I also want fingerprint. IMHO fingerprint is better and it’s fairly cheap.

Not a fan of light colored computers. Glad they kept the old color.

  • Good on the processor changes
  • Battery size drops isn’t great, but not a big difference in the 13"

Maybe they will have both - new XPS 13" should have both as an option.

edit: There will be an option for both Hello Camera and Fingerprint reader for 15" model too - ideal solution.

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I’ve been looking at them and am so close to asking for a refund on one of my V’s to get one. Lack of USB-A ports is a near killer for me, something I hadn’t noticed before. On the other hand, the availability is 1 week… so I’d have it well before my LB 1TB V arrived…

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With 2 x thunderbolt and 1 x USBc is quite well provided and the simple usbc to usba converter for 2 at about ÂŁ4 (aukey) on amazon is reasonable for flexibility

Price higher of course. In UK the 1TB is ÂŁ1899 for i7 16gb

They have fingerprint reader as add-on option - both 2018 XPS 13" and new 2018 XPS 15" 2-1 models.

For Jamil, Lucas and others…

message Dell to tell them they have screwed up… What response would you expect!:hushed:

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The problem is you now need to always plug an adapter (2x the work), and remember to carry that adapter. For something thats so common, its quite a major inconvenience.


In our case? Visit of Dell representative with apologises and presents … :rofl: But truth is we are buying from Dell and Microsoft about 1,000+ units yearly … (Big oil&gas company).

For the thirteen inch model the battery reduction shouldn’t be too problematic, especially due to the better efficiency of the Coffee Lake processors, and the reduction wasn’t too large to begin with. The fifteen-inch’s reduction is just stupid being honest. More power, with a GTX 1050, and a battery life that’s nearly a quarter smaller than last generation’s. Bonkers.

Oops, my bad, I read that wrong. I didn’t see the word “replacing” in the original post and interpreted it as two different models for the fifteen-inch model. Should’ve read closer and noticed that this other option also sported a normal 7th Gen HQ Processor. Sorry about that.

Latest update is “shipped before CNY” for my 1TB LB - so given it seems to take 3-4 weeks from when it is shipped till when I actually get it that would seem like I wouldn’t see it till March.

My laptop is clipping at 600MHz if I leave it running for a while or hibernate it - so really getting close to the end of its useful life.

I’m looking at the Latitude 7390 2-in-1. Total weight is similar to a V + keyboard, has USB-A ports. More expensive but I can get 5 yrs service, including accidental damage repair. Hmmmmm, what to do… if only Dell wasn’t 50% more expensive in Australia than the USA!

Interesting article on notebookcheck:

It reiterates much of what has been stated here. If I were to purchase an XPS 13, I would definitely choose the previous model, even with the limited thunderbolt.

In my opinion, the urge to create the thinnest device is counter-productive - you lose ports, keyboard travel, battery life, and often the ability to open/repair the device. To me, it’s actually the width and height that’s more important (to work in cramped environments like on airplanes) as well as the weight. I really don’t care about thickness.

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I know, old thread. But was looking at the XPS 9575 (with pen)… sooooooo question:
for the V or for the XPS, same question:
Is it possible to stick an external storage device USB-A in whichever adapter USB-A (female at the device end) USB-c (male at the computer end) ?

Oh definitely. Anything like these:



I don’t know where to post this : Battery.
I just purchased a Dell XPS 15" 9575 (and still waiting for my tablet-V).

They advertise 10 hours of battery.
I applied all what is said in this article: Battery saving tips for Windows AND screen very dark, nearly darkest possible. This screen is very VERY bright.
and I still get (on battery bar) only around 5 hours.

I am posting this in relation to all those posts here complaining about the same thing about the V. People having 10 hours, others 5 hours…

Just saying, no complaints, just a statement.