What do you think of the Tesla Model 3?

So, new photos of the Tesla Model 3 shows up and it seems to be close to production.

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In my opinion, the rims are rather ugly, but it was said to be optimized for aerodynamics, so I cant really complain about it.

I have mixed feeling about the center-screen-for-everything. On one hand, it makes ofr a very modern and minimalistic look. On the other hand, I used to drive the second-generation Yaris with center instrument cluster, and I find it to be rather annoying.

What do you think about this Tesla Model 3?

For those who dont know, the Tesla Model 3 was purported to be Tesla’s attempt at disrupting the more-common, less-luxurious, mass-production car segment. It is destined to compete against the like of Merc C-class or BMW 3-series. The price was announced to be USD 35,000 (in the US, obviously) before any tax, rebate, or incentives. It will have at least 215 miles or 350 km of range, and accelerates from 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds for the base model. There might be more expensive models with faster acceleration and/or longer range. It is also going to be shipped with the hardware ready for fully autonomous driving, although the software is not quite there yet. First deliveries will begin by the end of this year.

Previous Tesla models include the Roadster, Model S sedan, and Model X SUV. None of which are affordable for the masses with pricing starts at around USD 70,000 and can easily goes up to 6-figure once you add the options


Yes the rims, my first tough was “WHAT ARE THOSE!!!” :joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:
The screen in the middle appears quite loose.
I wonder why they decided to make the loading of power so traditional. I would rather had a attachments same way as in robot wacuum cleaners (that you would just drive on a plate or against a plate)
But then in the other hand, if this is the budget car, well you have to compromise more.

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Well, I hope they can deliver it at the promised affordability for those who want one. The only Tesla that would be interesting for me is an affordable van like the Volkswagen transporter or Mercedes V-class, not only that but with a decent range for travelers (at least 800km from which at least 600km can be reached in normal traveling conditions so with airco/heating on and such). That would be the only way they would ever get me to buy any electric car. Even though I do quit like the Tesla styling, they will never be something for me when they ask luxury prices without offering the luxury expected at such a price point (well I do understand they can’t offer everything Mercedes or BMW deliver since electric technology is costly, but having a basic everyday car interior while the competition has leather and wood trim at that price is a huge difference). Also, I am not a fan of futuristic interiors, and Tesla doesn’t really same to go to far in that, but having a huge ipad like display with only touch interface will frustrate me. I am used to Volkswagen multimedia system where you have a decent display but you have physical buttons as interface, so I have feedback from which button I am pushing (and since it is getting automated what button is where, I get close to blind using it to set the radio). With a touch interface that will not be possible in the same way. But ofcourse, when removing all the fun of driving the car and let it drives itself, than it is not really a problem that you have to look at the display to use it. But than it would be nice if the display could be used to watch a movie or such, I don’t know if it can.

If they would ever make a SUV (like the tiguan) or station wagon (like the golf variant or passat variant), than they could possible be a nice daily commuter car for me, but since I am into woodworking I also need a car that can handle a big load without having to driving with the liftgate up or things sticking through the doors or windows. I really wish that they will make those kind of cars, and not sticking to GT/sedan styling.

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Try looking at the Tesla Model X SUV then

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Tactile controls definitely have their place in cars; BMW’s iDrive (controller) is well-regarded in this aspect. Aesthetically, the Model 3 is almost-great. I’d much prefer the faux intake grille of the original Model S over this stubby nose.

I hate that whole touchscreen concept. But not only in tesla, in all cars.

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I know the model X, but in what way is that even called an SUV? It has sport yes, utility is far from ideal with the sedan styling which does make you have to drive with the tailgate open when moving stuff around, sounds a real safe utility side. It is just like BMW X4 and X6, which are marketed as SAV since they know that sedan styling is not good fur utility. Those are all just sedans on steroids for people who want luxury and safety and comfort from a SUV without having the utility aspect from an SUV. For me it is the utility that is very important. If a car isn’t functional and requires you to drive with doors or tailgate open for regular drives, than it does not suit the purpose and instead is a safety hazard in that purpose. I would suggest you to have a look at the tiguan, that is the SUV I was referring to because it is one of the most compact and practical ones that I have seen here in Belgium and for that would be a great daily driver. The numbers: below 4,5m, having 615L of boot space, and still have enough room to seat 5 adults (tested it and 3 adults can comfortable sit on the second row, though not recommended for long holiday drives). Than we have the Tesla X is 5m, and yes that comes with 7 seat configuration and such. But half a meter extra is a huge disadvantage here in Belgium for a daily driver. Yes the model X could be used as primary car for many families, but for me it will not be able te replace a van like the transporter. For that it should be able handle building materials such as standard size plywood (2m55 length), should be able to handle bikes without having to drive with the liftgate open, and should be able to have 1000+l boot space behind the second row for holidays, should be able to seat 8 adults comfortably, and the list of practicality things goes on. I did only find that with the second row down, there is 2180L of boot space (I have never found information on boot space behind second row, but the VW sharan which also falls short for me has a 2297/2430L boot space behind with the second row flat, which results in only 955L of boot space behind the second row), and than it also has a loading depth of a tad below 1m9 so far from what I would need. So it can’t be my primary car, and as secondary car there is so much better and more practical choices to make than the model X, like the tiguan or golf variant, or the touran. So as I stated, if Tesla would make a real SUV or a real station wagon, they could be a daily driver for me. But they don’t for the moment. They only make a sedan, a sedan on steroids and a compact more affordable sedan.

Well its obviously not for 1 person in Belgium.

Are you really looking for an SUV or a van? or maybe a bus or coach?

I am not looking for a car, I am only looking at cars. As a student, I help myself with my parents car, and as a car enthousiast I am looking at cars and wondering how they would be for me. And a sedan/coupe styling almost never have really charmed me, and Tesla only has those kind of cars at the moment. What I would like to get once I graduate and start earning money are 2 kind of cars:

  1. a practical everyday car, so not a big beast and versatile enough for everyday situations and easy to handle on European roads and in our European cities. As example I have compact SUV and station wagon. Why those? I like the high ride from a SUV, and the Tiguan did manage to charm me when test driving. And for a station wagon it is because it has a great versatility compared to a sedan. For instance, a friend, or lover, or kids calls you that they have a flat tire. Instead of having to drive to home to get the big car, you could put it in the trunk of those cars and for that exceptional situation drive with the liftgate open for once (well ofcourse you tie it down as close as possible). Or just for small trips. So if Tesla did make a station wagon verson of the model 3, that would be something that could suit me.
  2. a workhorse/donkey car that I can use for big cargo, many passengers and for holidays. As example I gave the VW transporter and the Mercedes Viano. Both can handle 8 adults easily, both can handle standard size plywood and other large objects, both have plenty of passenger and cargo space to go on holidays. I know that Tesla did promise a minivan/van but for the moment we don’t have any specs. If it turns out to be like the ID Buzz from volkswagen, it would not be able to be used for this. If it turns out to be close to the transporter than it could be something for me. Also there is an SUV option that could suit me decently in this category, that are SUV’s like the Chevrolet suburban, they should be able to take standard size plywood and some of them have a 3rd row that seats adults comfortably. But those are not sold over here, only the suburban has been for a few years, and I don’t think that Tesla will make any SUV that could compete those soon, so I am out of luck on that one also.

I hope Tesla will make a stationwagon version of the model 3, that would be great for more practicality driven buyers. And station wagons are very popular in Belgium and i guess in a big part of Europe too. It is not for nothing that the luxury brands offer a station wagon version of the model 3 competitors.

Have you heard of the e.GO?

It’s a small, affordable electric car entering mass production in early 2018, starting at 15.900 € with a range of 130/170 km.
Find more at http://e-go-mobile.com/en/models/e.go-life/

Very interesting is: it’s not developed by a big old automobile player but by a rather small university spin off of RWTH Aachen. Same as with Eve, it’s not their first success: The same base team developed the Streetscooter, a delivery van specially designed for parcel delivery providers like DHL. In fact, DHL bought Streetscooter in 2016 and has plans to increase production from currently 5.000 to 20.000 vans per year.

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I have a reservation for the Model 3 but will likely cancel it if the interior doesn’t change much. The single horizontal screen kills it for me. I’m not some sort of fanboy that overlooks all the flaws of the car in support of Tesla. People can say its supposed to be a ‘minimalist theme’ but frankly I don’t care. If they made the screen vertical and filled up the interior a bit more then I’d likely keep my reservation but at the moment I’m thinking of getting a BMW 3 series instead. Only one more month before Tesla unveils the final version of the Model 3. Lets hope for the best!

I hope it too for the consumers. I also hope the ID Buzz will change from the concept before it really hits production. A car without round steering wheel is asking for problems, autopilot or not doesn’t matter to compensate for that, and the empty futuristic styling which probably will have a cheap feel is something they should not use for VW or Tesla or any other decent car manufacturer.

The interior looks quite ‘prototype-ish’ to me, certainly not on par with what it targets (3 series for example), i hope it to improve in the final model. I love the glass roof, but the wheels are not my taste, they look like something mounted on a ‘ghetto blaster tuned car’ :sweat_smile:


A car without round steering wheel is asking for problems

I better watch out with my C class Merc then…

I feel like there was no improvement from the show car they brought on stage.
The interior looks cheap (and boring) to me, not worthy of a car for over $30k.
But it was never on my radar to be bought anyways, so there might be enough others that’ll like it… or Tesla sheeple :wink:

You mean why they’re making the plug like gas pump nozzles?
As a design mimicry I guess?

But in that case why did they remove the dashboard :thinking:

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Not a fan of the center instrument cluster on a touch screen. Too much of a distraction, and too hard to see needed items like speedometer, tachometer, etc, while driving. It needs a speedometer behind the steering wheel at a minimum.

Besides that, it’s actually better looking than the concept drawings eluded to. It’s also much bigger looking than i thought it was going to be. (I mean that in a good way.)

I don’t know if they have headup display. While testdriving the new Tiguan it was also my first time to see headup display and I have to say it is great for checking the speed you are driving and such. Biggest downside is that while it can compensate for a speedometer, it can’t compensate for the display of the parking sensors. Volkswagen has that displayed between the speedometer and rpm-meter and it displays the reverse camera on the media display. I moest of the time look at the parking sensors instead of at the reversing display since my dads golf sportsvan has 360° sensors but the reversing camera only shows what is behind you. I have to test out those 360° camera cars though. But I can say a headup display is a great way to not have to use the speedometer behind the wheel.

I also found an upside for the minimalistic interior: very easy to customize it without regretting to get rid of the original look. But that depends on how easily it can be modified ofcourse.

It’s totally ok to put a touch screen without any knobs.
You just add a warning text:


I drive a Seat Ateca (even shorter than a Tiguan!) which has touchscreen and buttons and I have to say that when you’re on the move in a car touchscreen does not work well as a concept due to the level of movement in a vehicle. Trying to focus on stabbing the right bit of a screen with your finger is potentially dangerous. I wish there was a physical controller a la idrive but sadly not.