What do you know about Poland from your country's media?

Hello friends. I come from Poland. I live here as my father, grandpa etc. I love my country, even if it’s not perfect. I’m not going to emigrate to GB for work as stereotypical Pole. I have my own company here and a peaceful, prosperous life with my wife and two (maybe three, I don’t know yet :wink: kids. I am quite happy although the last two years of my life was filled with unimaginable difficulties I had to take care. But this topic is not about me.

I decided to post this because my country has been attacked in the media on the international arena for the last few months. I know that you are mixed of people from around the world. This post is not a provocation. I count on your understanding, peace and reliable statements. I would like to ask you mates, what media in your country are speaking about Poland, about “Polish Death Camps case” (proper is German Death Camps), our reform of the judiciary and lack of democracy? What is Poland in your own eyes? What do you thing about those cases? Do you agree with these statements or do you have your own opinion on this subject?

I am very curious about your answers. I do not want to cause any storm here, accuse anyone. Seriously, I’m curious how you perceive us.


I know a lot … firstly I visited Poland often (I’m originally from the Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia) and secondly my wife is a mix of Czech, German and Polish - she is from the Czech part Ciezsyn area (so she is Slonzak). Sometimes when she speaks with her mom - I have hard time to understand. :smile:

There was same problem with Nazi concentration camp in the Czech Republic - Terezin (Theresienstaadt) - they call it often Czech Concentration Camp …

To be correct - there were commie concentration (slave work) camps in Czechoslovakia during communist regime (uranium mines, etc.) which were basically same as those Nazi ones …

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Thank you for your answer. What you didn’t write what do you know.

and so that everything is clear I don’t ask about: what is capital of Poland and who is President :slight_smile: I asked about that image that has been creating in media.

You don’t get that much coverage tbh in the global media. Not much in the UK anyway so the perception isn’t really there.

I’ve been to Poland, has some cool cities, decent infrastructure. I work with Polish developers who are great.

My description would be one of the few sovereign nations left in Europe

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YES, I can feel safe in my country for now, that is fact.

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I know a lot - I grew up near Polish border - in Krkonose Mountains - we were watching polish TV regularly - I remember child cartoons Bolek I Lolek … We were often going to shop in Sklarska Poremba and Jelenia Gora. BTW part of my family, German one was originally from that area before it was part of Poland.

There are lots of Poles in England, they seem great. I think Polish immigrants have been a great example to English people and have added to our culture. We have people from Poland working with us and they are lovely.

I know a fair bit of what happened to Poland in WW2, but I am afraid wrt my knowledge of Poland today, all I know is awful stereotypes which are based on ignorance; you like really strong lager and you have crazy football fans. I also learnt recently that there is a desert in Poland, which I am still not sure I believe, even after looking it up on wikipedia.

I read about the death camps thing in the news, and also something about abortion. The media here seems to portray your country as if a big crisis is happening, but I am don’t believe that is the whole picture. I just don’t know what the whole picture actually is. We voted Brexit, who are we to sneer at anyone? I have to believe that although bad things are happening, people over the world are still basically good and care about the same things; their families, and living a good life.

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That’s certainly true for some of the ones who’ve been here for generations and integrated but most of the recent ones come for a bit of work, repatriate the cash then leave :smiley:

That’s not a dig at them though, that’s the flaw in the system that allows it to happen.

Have you ever noticed something I can call: defamation of Poles?

In what sense?

I always find a lot of Poles have some sort of inferiority complex. Having been there I don’t know why anymore as it’s a much better place than a lot of Europe.

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There probably is, yes, but I can’t say I have noticed it directly. I would say, though, there is probably less resentment against poles than against other communities who have settled in England. Sadly, you can probably guess why.

The Poles who come here for only a short time are still working hard, though. I watched a great documentary about whingers in East Anglia moaning about ‘that lot taking our jobs’, but when the documentary crew asked the whingers to actually do the jobs the Polish people were doing they all flat out refused, or left within a week

This is not a forum to discuss on anything other than EVE V or its business. It’s not a political community, its a tech enthusiast forum.

PS: My 2 cent of peaceful message to all polish: Don’t tie up yourself to any manmade groups, sect, religion, country, ideology, ism’s, etc. if you do you will feel terrible to face the outside world, every such set of people is trashed in the media. Media is a business model to survive and it does it by making evil out of all. ASK A MUSLIM of today’s world, and he will tell you your Polish problems is far lesser than my problem to handle with media. In short, Poles are not the primary target of international Media, as of today. So you are good. Broadly only 2 set of people are in this world:

Good People: Good people comes from all sects, groups, religion, ism’s, etc. and can easily, traced by their good behaviour with all humans, animals, and environment or this rental world we live in for the transit period of (Avg life for them is: 76 years max, unless they are killed by the below people, go to heaven).

Bad (evil) People: Bad people come from all sects, groups, religion, ism’s, etc. and can easily, traced by their bad action on good people, animals, and environments. (Avg. Life: Killed by other Evil Powers, or Die for their sins, and enter to hell to be there forever)

Again Good and Bad are subjective terms, and differ from one set of people to others and it can never be defined with consensus by humans as a “moral compass”, for e.g. I can see good intention of EVE’s team and support them (and we did it), but the bad ones will differ and will always play down, and create confusion on their path) may be a bad example :slight_smile: , however, for us Muslims Good and Bad are not defined by Humans, but by ONE GOD Almighty, and it is our moral compass until end of the world. In sha-Allaah (which means “As per will of God”).

Tech enthusiasts can have other interests too (like turtles), and since the intention of the post isn’t inflammatory, I think there is no problem having it here.

From a south-east Asian perspective: nothing. Nothing at all.

what do you know about Poland

You guys use the letter w way too much, and not enough vowels, jeez. Wrcywczky and all that.


A very dear friend of mine from Sydney mentioned that he can’t imagine being able to pronounce any Polish surnames and wonders how the heck we manage to do that?!?!

Poland is too small to get the attention of Asian countries … in some cases we wouldn’t even have enough people to as a whole country to populate even one large city in China. :slight_smile:

Artur … why don’t you change the topic name to something that actually reflects the truth?

… if you skip the “NOT”, then you are not helping your cause to spread the truth across the globe!

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Because as far as I know Polish Death Camps are big problem for international medias. They think our law wants to shut up the truth that we as A Poland, are guilty for second world war and holocaust. Did you hear about this provocal video called : I’ll go to jail?

Yes, and we are slowly digressing too much off topic for these forums.

Lol. I live in Singapore, a country that is smaller than New York City.

We’re like the dingleberry hanging off the ass of the Malaysian peninsula.

Ok Thank you all for warm words and your opinions.

hi Artur,
I know nothing except where it is :slight_smile:
ANd, I had a whole family as friends when I was young. The father was Polish (but long deceased, I knew the family long after) the mother was German, but she spoke (not read or wrote) Polish. The three “children” (my age) were speaking Polish with their father (as he did not speak German) until he died (when his children were respectively 6, 8 and 10 years old). All the three children do not remember much if any of the Polish language.
But because I became interested in the language, I tried to learn Polish when I still had so much optimism that I thought I could do it :smiley:
All I still know is how to read it. Reading it is easy, when you know the spelling rules (it always seemed to me a “transliteration” of Russian…) . But I would not remember any words…
And now an anecdote: when the mother of this family above received a letter from a Polish relative in Polish, she was unable to read it (as she never learned to read/write the language). They made me read the letter to her, I did not understand a word but I could read it. And she translated it on the go while listening to my reading; that was sooooooo funny for all of us :smiley:


That’s a hard one to answer honestly. I’m German and in German media Poland actually isn’t depicted as bad imo, but what the Polish government is doing in recent years is seen as very problematic. Since our ancestors were the ones who committed a large part of the crimes in the second world war including the shoah/holocaust, we get taught in school and by our parents very early on that it’s bad to kill people for whatever reasons, that criminals have to be reintroduced into society and not just punished and that any kind of radicalism or nationalism can lead to very awful things. My understanding of the term Polish Death camps is just geographically since some death camps were situated on the soil of what is now Poland. In Germany everybody knows that Germans started these camps and that Polish death camp just means that they were located there and not build by Polish people.

But it’s also a fact that there were many antisemitic tendencies in Poland before and after the occupation by the Nazis and there were also killings of Jews done by Polish people and I have to respectfully disagree, if Polish politicians say that this never happened and people just say that to make Polish people look worse.
First of all it happened in the first half of the last century so no one now has had anything to do with that and can therefore not be made responsible or to look bad because of it in my opinion. And secondly it’s just a historical fact that you have to deal with. And as a German I like to deal with facts like these (as we had quite worse things happening) in remembering them and remembering others and especially talking about how these things can happen. Just denying that they happened out of some in my opinion false sense of nationalism won’t help anyone and this is what the Polish government is doing right now, if you ask me. They feel attacked by historical facts and try to alter them by nitpicking on words instead of dealing with the past in a respectful and forward thinking manner. I see similar things happening in Russia with their Soviet history to the extend that some people think of Stalin as somebody good out of a wrong idea of nationalism, when in fact he was just a horrendous mass murderer probably as evil as Hitler himself.

So, not taking into account the current alterations of the law by the Polish government, which in my opinion paint the picture of migrating to a fascist state instead of upholding liberal and democratic ideas of freedom and liberty, I think, the media in Germany looks with worry at how the Polish government tries to alter the perception of history to let Poland look strong in the present as these are similar tendencies that happened in Germany 100 years ago after losing the first world war and that ultimately lead to the second.
I’m very sure that nothing as atrocious as back then will happen now with Poland and they surely won’t start invading people, but there are certain national tendencies and in Germany nationalism is (especially until recently, when we didn’t have a right wing party in any parliament…) frowned upon very much by the majority of the population since we get reminded all the time what happens, if you let these tendencies thrive and undermine the essence of a free society. One should always have very open eyes and ears towards the past to learn from it and you can’t be made responsible for errors made in the past by others, but how you deal with these errors is something you can be made responsible off and how the Polish government is denying crimes done by a few to let the current people feel as a nation without any past offenses that is just misunderstood by everyone and everything was done to them by outside forces and they have to unite against them is very wrong in my books.

I just typed this in one row on my phone and will proofread it later. So, please forgive any mistakes. And this all is in no way meant as an attack on anyone specific or the Polish people. Quite on the contrary I tried to make clear why I think that a honest way to deal with the past and history is important to live as honest people in the present and no one should ever be blamed for mistakes done by others. As I don’t want to be blamed for the crimes done by the generation of my grandparents I’m not blaming any other current country or people for crimes done by their ancestors, but I still think that no crime should be forgotten so that we can now learn how to prevent these things from happening. And I also don’t think that any big media in Germany tries to talk bad about the Polish people, but rather wants to point out tendencies that are seen as troublesome by a people who had to deal with the crimes of their past for over 70 years now and wishes to do everything to prevent this from happening again as it is the least we can do for the victims.