What are your favourite Windows Apps?

In a similar vain to ‘What will you first do with your Eve V?’, I was thinking what everyone’s favourite apps that are not ‘mainstream’?

Mine (that are not Developer specific) are:

XMeters: XMeters - Taskbar System Monitoring - Great app that shows me CPU, network, etc usage on the taskbar

Listary http://www.listary.com/ - With a hotkey, I can bring up a powerful search utility toolbar from anywhere. Allows me to search for folders, files, launch programs etc

Greenshot http://getgreenshot.org/ - Easy to use screenshot grabber. Hit PrintScreen, click and drag on what you want captured

Autohotkey https://autohotkey.com/ - Powerful macro editor.

SharpKeys GitHub - randyrants/sharpkeys: SharpKeys is a utility that manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key. - Remap any key to any other key

Ditto Microsoft Apps - Clipboard history manager. Find it supper handy when I accidentally copy a blank line.

I’ve got quite a few more but I start with these ;)!


Wow, I may get all of these. Please do more! I go pretty barebones other than what I need, but I guess f.lux. I may get rainmeter later.

Everything https://www.voidtools.com/ - VERY fast file searcher

WinDirStat https://windirstat.net/ - Shows hard drive usage so you can work out where all the space has gone!

HandBrake https://handbrake.fr/ - Easy to use video transcoder

Arq Backup https://www.arqbackup.com/ - This is something I haven’t tried yet but planning to when I switch from Mac to Windows. It’s a non subscription based product that backs up to cloud storage (like Dropbox, Google Drive, NAS, FTP etc). Handy if you already have subscription to a cloud storage.


I’ll definitely install TouchMe Gesture Studio. With customizable multitouch gestures, this app makes most Windows touchscreen gadgets easier to control/navigate than any android/IOS tablet.
Any prototype testers tried to install this on the V? One of the reasons I sold my Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 was that TouchMe Gesture Studio won’t work properly on it…

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My list (some UWP, some Win32):

  • Newsflow (rss)
  • Polarr (photo editing)
  • Figma (UI design)
  • Cubase (music recording, generating, mixing)
  • Davinci Resolve (video editing)
  • Piny (Pinterest)
  • Slack
  • ShareX (screen snipping and recording)
  • Twitter

That reminds me of Launchy - https://www.launchy.net/ - a simple launcher for most applications that is however quite a bunch better than the default windows searchbar in my opinion.


My list:
Office 365
Adobe CC suite
Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D
Esri MapInfo
Golden Software - Surfer, Voxler, Grapher, Didger, Strater
RockWare - RockWorks, AQQA, LogPlot
Visual ModFlow
Aquifer Test Pro
DxO programs

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For me:

  • CopySpace - A clipboard history and sync app that works across almost every platform (No Linux, sadly).
  • Snip - Another screen snipping tool, just from MS Garage this time.
  • Affinity Designer - Vector Design application (formerly Mac exclusive). I use it for pretty much everything I do for UI mockups and general graphic design.
  • Visual Studio Code - My main code editor and development environment these days.
  • Write!- A pretty great markdown compatible text editor/notetaking application that is a lot more minimal and focused on writing than OneNote and some of the applications I’ve used.
  • OneNote- Because the UWP version handles pen input better than pretty much any other notetaking application I’ve tried.
  • Everything Search - As noted above, really fast search and I often use it as an application launcher.
  • JRiver Media Center - For everything local and networked music and video… after I reskin it.
  • KeyBase - For signed and secure filesharing (and chat, though I almost never use it for that. The newly added team chat features could change that).
  • MyTube! for when I want a touch-based dedicated UWP YouTube client.

Might i suggest duplicacy: https://duplicacy.com/ ? For one it’s much faster than arq, at least in my opinion/on my machine.


Listary is not needed when we have Windows built in search AKA Cortana… TBH Windows 7/8 search was just as good, just a bit slower…

My must-haves include Firefox, qBittorrent, MS Office, Visual Studio, WinRAR, Discord, Ditto… Basically things I can’t live without.

BTW, why do you use both Autohotkey and Sharpkeys? Autohotkey can remap keys too…

I don’t know about him. But I do that too. Mostly for legacy reasons .
I see Sharpkeys as better to change key associatons at a global level (Simply edits the registry entries). While Autohotkey I use for exceptions for certain applications.
F4 is what I use to pause media (audio/video). But with VLC if the window is minimized I had to especify two Autohotkey entries one global and one when the window is present even if not focused. With Sharpkeys is only one configuration for it to work no matter what. And I use Autohotkeys to reuse F4 to pause downloads if any when on certain apps (FileZilla for example.)

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I tend to use apps that give me control over MY files and MY data and his metadata, even more so if they are multiplattform since I don’t use only windows.

Apps that are windows only:

Comodo Backup

As for other Apps is bit of a mixbag:

VLC: for watching movies, online streams, etc.
Songbird: for my music listening and organization needs.
Thunderbird + Lightning: for Email, RSS, Newsletters, Ghoper (Yes I still use that ¬_¬) and calendaring.
Firefox: webbrowsing and plugins galore
Collabora Office: LibreOffice+Owncloud
Laverna: for note taking, ToDo lists, tasks etc. I can’t recomend this enough.
CmapTools: for mindmapping and collaborative brainstorming mostly
ProjectLibre: Because organizing projects with an international team and getting things done in time is important. XD
Keepass: for credential storage.
Boxcryptor: to encrypt all the files on, Onedrive, googleDrive, Dropbox, Owncloud
Telegram: For instant messaging.
GIMP+Krita: for drawing stuff and a bit of photoediting.


Thanks for the Write! suggestion, looks exactly like what I needed. I was on the lookout for a writing focused mark down editor not too long ago and settled with a VS Code markdown extension in the end since I couldn’t find something I was totally happy with.

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Listary is not needed when we have Windows built in search AKA Cortana… TBH Windows 7/8 search was just as good, just a bit slower…

I feel like we had this discussion somewhere before but in any case, I as well use a dedicated app launcher because of its unmatched speed and flexibility compared to the in-built windows search. The one I use is called KeyPirinha. It takes just a few moments going through its features (which includes extensibility as well) to realize that it’s not only about plain application launching.

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Awesome, thanks!

Ooo… Missed this one.

This looks like a nicer alternative to OBS for quick screen capture.

No one has mentioned irfan view yet?? It’s a small utility for viewing/converting images supporting many formats. It’s great for tasks such as batch conversations etc.

Other favorites include pycharm (python ide), notepad++ (code editor) and Inkscape (open source vector graphics editor)

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Real windows app I daily use instead of Adobe Reader: drawboard PDF
My replacement for Photoshop is: GIMP
Others often in use:

  • Polarr (photo editor)
  • Image Composite Editor to stich panoramas
  • Harvester Messenger (WhatsApp, FacebookMessenger, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, Twitter, etc. at one place)
  • Microsoft Translator AddOn in Edge
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I am like super basic:

  • chrome
  • whatsapp
  • utorrent

video watching i use the standard win 10 films and tv app, works fine

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I will try to add to this as I think of more, but here’s a starter:
• Firefox
• OneNote
• Disqus (I mostly admire how well they’ve built a UWP app.)
• Plex
• Audacity
• Notepad++ (even though i don’t use my home PC for coding anymore)

I’m pretty basic lately, but that’s mostly because i don’t get to hop on my PC much anymore. I’m hoping that will change with the V.

Here are my favorites

  • Visual Studio Code (great editor!)
  • Alphalina Designer (Windows Store)
  • Firefox (Getting so much Better)
  • Audacity
  • FileZilla
  • Office 365
  • And actually a lot of the stock windows apps aren’t that bad either