What are you going to do once you get your V?

Hi all - now that V delivery is getting tantalizingly close, my thoughts turn to what that day will be like when my V arrives and what I’m going to do with it. Then I realized that I’m actually very boring and all that I’d probably do is:

  • work through the windows start up

  • delete bloatware (won’t need to as there won’t be any right?)

  • install a few commonly used programs, mainly MS Office. No need for virus scanners anymore since I’ll rely on Windows defender

  • insert a high capacity micro SD card

  • watch some HD youtube and marvel at the screen and speakers

  • erm… play about with the pen and magnetic sleeve…

  • oh yeah, log onto the eve community and brag about taking delivery!!!

Super boring or what?! So I thought I’d reach out to you lot for some ideas, what do you guys do / plan to do on day one?


Pretty much the same as you. Make sure everything work, get some default programs installed and get ready to sell my existing Mac setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently been eyeing up monitors and VESA arms. Still can’t find a 1440p, USB-C input with VESA mount monitor :confused: and currently resorting to getting the LG 4K 43" monitor as the DPI should be close to a 27" 1440p monitor. (Windows scaling still isn’t perfect :frowning: )


about the same .
aside from installing software for college and work.
probably show it off to a few friends.
set up the finger print reader
maybe make a review video

  1. Make a backup of the shipped image (using Acronis TrueImage or something like that. Any recommendation?)
  2. Shrink the Windows 10 partition
  3. Install Windows 8.1
  4. See if it needs more drivers for Windows 8.1
  5. Spend an entire week/month searching for the appropriate drivers
  6. If everything is successful, create the WIMboot image for factory-feel (tutorial: https://forum.xda-developers.com/windows-8-rt/microsoft-surface/surface-pro-3-wimboot-rom-guide-t2979048)
  7. Share the WIMboot image here.
  1. Boot into Windows to see if everything works as expected.
  2. Shrink Windows partition.
  3. Install Linux.
  4. Compare it to my dad’s iPad Pro and tell him “This could’ve been yours” :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, that’s the stuff I enjoy.

hi patrick - why not use the standard win 10 back up on day one?

Take a look at hp 34’ curved display

This one? HP Monitors - HP Store UK

It’s more expensive than the LG 43" 4K monitor by a few hundred pounds LG’s new 42.5-inch monitor can display four inputs at once - The Verge

I’m going to play football with it (American football not the soccer one :wink: ) and if it breaks I’ll ask for a return :stuck_out_tongue: I’m kidding of course. To be honest, besides installing all the updates and then do a SYSPREP and then an Acronis image of it. I’ll probably just install my basic softwares (Office, Firefox, etc…) and that’s about it.

You’re right. But the LG is a big fat plastic bomber…

I’m confused, why all people use bloatware instead of value added programs, I mean the manufacturer ships device with factory image including all software and drivers that’s needed to operate all device features, I know that it may consume some of your rams, but if your device 8gb or higher, I don’t think that these programs will over use rams!

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I will power it up and draw :blush:


install a SD card and load it with all the recent pictures and photos and just stare at them on the V!!!

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Load up the applications I need and put that puppy to work.

Shove it to the face of my friends and coworkers who have been doubting my decision to go with V and don’t think I can get it before 2018


Party like it’s 1999! …Not really. I will set it up like my current Surface Pro and then use it every day.

I would
get a feel of touch of the tablet body
connect to wifi and play some 4K video of course
see how the keyboard is attached/detached and test the angle of hinge
test about the battery life limits while install a game to play

I’ll donate it to “will it blend”

I will take my V to the kitchen and try to cook this great meal Konsta presented on youtube with cat, flour and this hot sauce.