What are the best mid tier laptops

Hi guys, can you give me some advice about a laptop between

  • 1000-1900€ intended for students mostly ,

  • with great I/O (thunderbolt 3😍) , 7th (or 8)gen i7 and great battery life?

I’m assuming you’d like something that’s portable? In that case I’d recommend the Lenovo Yoga 920. :slight_smile:

It’s a 2-1 in the 360-fold style, sports 8th gen U processors, 2 Thunderbolt C ports and is stylus compatible. Battery life is said to be very good, with 9 hours and 23 minutes on techradars Movie Test. The price is also quite good with 1300£ for the i7 variant. Lenovo Yoga 920 review: flipping and folding | TechRadar

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion, that’s a great option that I fits for me.
Also I have recently looked at the hp spectre 360 which appeals to be also a convertible and a difference that I see from hp and Lenovo is the QuickCharge thst hp has (50% in 30 minutes).

It’s really a tough choice :thinking:.

Hmm, yeah, that’s a tough choice. I can’t really comment in any direction as I haven’t tried either device. The Quickcharge feature seems pretty cool tho, but it raises questions on how big the power brick needs to be? I mean in order to push out higher wattage a bigger brick is usually needed?

I think what I’d recommend you to do here is to look for some user posts on forums. That way you might uncover the bugs and glitches that you may encounter with each device. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Dell 5290,

If you have the money

Dell 5285, previous generation, can be got very cheap “refurbished” clearing out of warehouse stock

If you don’t need the screen in the Eve, my advice go for the 5285, use the saved money to get a 28" 4K Acer, and dell USB-c docking station (also refurbished on ebay). As a student you will spend many many hours studying and then preparing papers. Be kind to your eyes.

Reason I recommend Acer is I had Samsung, sent them back, Acer kinder on the eyes when you read a lot from a monitor. I recently bought the following

Dell Latitude 12 5285 Secure WiFi Core i7-7600U 16GB 256GB SSD, with finger print scanner, smart card reader and LTE (€550, Ebay Refurbished)

Dell USB C docking station (€83, Amazon warehouse deal).

Two Acer 28" 4K (€190 each Amazon warehouse deals)

All this cost €1013, a lot less and better than a top spec’ed V. Other than the screen on the V, it’s a far better machine, plus if you get the rest, you will have two great screens for for gaming, movies etc. If you live in the US this will all cost even less. When the eve was conceived there was not much competition in the market. The screen is the only advantage but not so if you have a 28" 4k sitting on your desk. Plus you can get the 5285/5290 with LTE which as a student is a big plus when you are on campus.

If you want to go further watch out in the video review for the Chinese competitor, not as sexy looking but great value for money, but non existent support, but that is also the current situation for the V.

The essential difference between the 5285 and the 5290 other that the processor generation is user serviceable/up-gradable HDD, WiFI, Battery. But you could always wait to upgrade to the 5290 next year when they are available as refurbished. The real issue with Intel processors is the major design flaws that have recently been exposed. So getting the top and latest is not a good idea at present. Better to go one gen behind and wait for newer processors without these design flaws, which will take a min of 12 -24 months, its a very complex design flaw that is not easily re-designed. Bios updates mitigate the issue but with massive performance costs.

I got the 5285 because I am waiting 2 years for a fully working V. The concept is great, but the delivery did not happen as expected.


Lol. I don’t think you’ll find a i8 but i would don’t right recommend you buy the xps 15 i7 w/ gtx1050 or the radeon intergrase 56 graphics chip. A friend bought 1 recently and it seems to preform great

Just a question: does quick charge shorten battery life?

let me bring another candidate to the ring: Huawei MateBook X Pro (i7-8550U, MX150) Laptop Review - NotebookCheck.net Reviews

This seems for me to be the best bang for the buck atm. If I would need a new Laptop, this would be the one…

Intel 8. gen Core i7-8550U
GeForce MX150 with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM
13,9 Zoll 3:2, 3.000 x 2.000 Pixel
3,5 mm audio, USB 3.0 type-A, USB type-C gen. 1, thunderbolt 3
14,6 x 304 x 217 mm
57,4 Wh
1,33 kg

for 1.800,00€ in germany


Seems pretty good, but personally I’d like stylus support and the ability to flip the screen around. Being an university student I find it very useful to be able to take notes digitally :slight_smile:

That’s just my opinion though. Don’t know if stylus support is mandatory for OP.

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MatePen is working AFAIK on this device. And as Emil searched for a Laptop I suggested one. I didn’t know that he is searching for a convertible…

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Oh right, I didn’t know it was stylus compatible. Didn’t bother to read the review too closely. My bad. I don’t know what Emil is specifically looking for either, just thought I’d offer some thoughts :slight_smile:

No flip does make it harder to use properly with pen tho.

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Hi, that’s a Great machine and I adore the screen, as it’s savagely thin :joy:

But I do find it comparable with the Dell xps 13 9370

About if the product is whether convertible or not, I would like to, tough it is not a deal breaker for me if it does not have.

Also , do you guys know truly how power efficient and better performance 8th gen chips are than the 7th gen series?
Would it be more worth to get a 7th gen i7 cpu rather than an 8th gen i5 cpu?

7th gen is more power efficient in single threaded tasks, since there is no two extra “vampire” cores to waste power. However, for any tasks that can be spread to over 2 cores, the 8th gen would be more efficient in general, as the cores can run at slower clock (clock vs. power curve is not linear, therefore giving you better performance/watt).

As most tasks are still single-threaded, the 7th gen tend to be more efficient in day-to-day use, but not by a huge amount. However, for few tasks that can be spread, the 8th would have speed boost. It also helps with smoothness as background tasks can be offloaded to extra cores.

The situation changes if we talk about the H/HQ-series, as the 8th gen now has 6 cores, something totally overkill for most uses, and in most cases, the cores are there just to waste power.

tldr; For U-series, 8th gen. For H-series, 7th-gen


I know Acer isn’t looked at as a decent brand but the Acer Switch series is fantastic. I refunded my V and bought one (less than 1/2 the price) and got more. Take a look at the Acer Switch 5 if you want a really good hybrid machine. I’d say its main detraction is that it doesn’t have a proper pen holder. Other than that I can’t find a single place where it doesn’t outshine its competition. I’ve had it for about 4 months and am glad that I decided not to wait given all of the reports of issues with the V

Please expand on “got more” than the V.
(If that means you got now a computer while waiting on the V you would have got nothing, yes you are technically right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

hahaha… did you ever check the Acer community before talking about things you read here? Switch — Acer Community
it’s full of switch problems…
and I have no problem with my V-ilma and she has her first birthday soon…

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Had an Acer W700, can confirm it has many problems ranging from severe GPU throttling to trapped bubbles under the display. That said, the V isn’t much better

Sorry but I’ve had the switch 5 for a few months now with no problems at all. I’m sorry for everyone that is still waiting for their “V”.

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