What? Another dude from Switzerland?!

Hi y’all!

So I’m Stephan, from Switzerland (the French part…). 23, and part time worker in stock management and part time psychology student. I’ve been reading this forum for quite a bit, and now is time to get involved, I guess.

I love tech but rarely buy it. Why? Well I’m a geek in the sense that everything (and I do mean everything, including the most basic food things…) I buy is heavily searched on, that I almost always find a catch. I know it sounds silly, but when you’re a working student you need to always have the best bang for your buck.

I guess this is what drive me to here: Best bang for your buck. Having a tech company reading and redefining the product according to the comments, is mind-blowing and yet so logical…
So while looking at reviews of the Surface Pro this eve company kept showing up. So here I am, with a website filled with infos, and a machines that meets my needs and budget. So I’m waiting to get my hands on one of the beasts, and collaborate with you all to make it the best I can.

So I’m really looking forward to meeting and discussing with all of you very soon.

Have a good one!



Welcome to dough.community!

We’ll be looking forward to your input in the many discussions to come, and we’re doing our best to let you get your hands on a V as soon as possible!

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Hi Stephan and welcome!

Good intro. I can totally second the research because of limited funds part. :laughing:

Best wishes

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I totally love the research part of buying stuff too, especially if backed up with a good spreadsheet to help decide!


Welcome Stephen to our community, happy reading and hope that you place the order when webshop opens sooooooonnnnnn…

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welcome mate :slight_smile: and warm thanks for your appreciation towards the V :slight_smile:

that and similarly overpower devices are(/were) made right here!

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I’m interested in how you research more basic products like food. Care to share?

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Sure! :slight_smile:
While for technology it is quite obvious how you would compare and chose from one device to another (CPU, graphics card, memory…) for food it might seem a bit of a stretch. Well it is not.
First, in technology as for food, I identify 2 main variables: (1) what I need to function (2) what the market offers. It is almost like offer and demand. But it is not demand but making a choice in a very overproductive world…

So I’m lucky enough to live in Switzerland. Where, contrary to some nations, at least to the best of my knowledge, everything has to be indicated on packaging. So the offer is quite straight forward. You have to get familiar with ingredients, vitamins, sugars, nutriments… just like you first searched for different types of motherboards.

As of demand, well it is highly personal. In my case I have two contrains: I’m vegetarian, and I’m a trail and endurance runner since a year. So just like a pc gamers would pay attention to graphics card I will pay attention to proteins in vegetable. It is worth taking your many personal factors in consideration.

It is a lot of energy and time but definitely worth it. I lost 20kg. And I love sports more and more. Plus in my opinion too much choice is bad. So I like to have to limit myself not to eat a bag full of candy but rather having a good plaque of 80% black swiss chocolate. :smiley: but not the full plaque! "Oh, why not after all, I already ate 3/4 of it. It is not 10 more grams that will hurt. " and then comes the realisation " did I really ate the full plaque? I did, didn’t I? No more chocolate for a month. … It at least until tomorrow "

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. :slight_smile: