What about the sleeves?

Hello everybody.

I have a short question @team:
What about the sleeves? Since the Introduction of the different variations it has become very quite about that topic. Is it possible to get some pictures, the production status… anything?? :slight_smile:

If this question was already answered in another thread (i only found some mentions of sleeves but no real news) i am sorry. I am not even sure that this is the right category for this question :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

I think Konsta already mentioned in previous updates that the Sleeves are already at the warehouse waiting for shipping :slight_smile:


Maybe @Konstantinos can throw some pictures of them into the update? :upside_down_face:

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You’ll find some pictures of both the zippered sleeve and the magnetic sleeve in this post (and some in the rest of the thread, too):

It’s from the community meeting in Ulm, Germany, where both types of sleeves were first seen together ‘in the wild’…


Thank you. I hadn’t seen these pictures.
Maybe it would be great to make a post with pictures of the V and all the accessories. Because a thread about a meet up in Ulm is definitely not the first place to look for pictures of the sleeves :wink:

The sleeves look great though! I ordered the magnetic one and can’t wait to carry my V in it. :heart_eyes: