Weird bug with Mac Pro registering the Spectrum with HDMI

Hey everyone! First time posting.

Has anyone noticed that when the Spectrum is plugged into the HDMI port of a Mac Pro that it is recognized as a 61 inch display. Is that just an issue with me using it via HDMI on my 2013 Mac Pro?

Screen shot below of what the devise looks like.
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 12.52.07 AM

I also noticed that when switching inputs from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 the Mac Pro doesn’t recognize that the input was switched and continues to act as if the monitor is connected.

Sorry if either of these topics have already been discussed. I just joined the forum.


Hey Edward,

In doing some quick research I think the size issue is a problem that the Mac can sometimes have with recognizing display dimensions. Mac OS Detecting Wrong Display Size Of Ex… - Apple Community

As for the input switching, this is common behaviour on most displays and monitors. From the Mac’s perspective, the monitor is still connected and receiving input, so it doesn’t behave as though the monitor has been disconnected. It’s the same behaviour as you would expect from a TV when you’re switching inputs from cable to a game console to a Roku or a Chromecast. All of them are still outputting picture, but the display chooses what gets shown.


Thanks for the reply!

That definitely makes sense.

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