Weird behavior on Firefox (Facebook and Eve websites)

Symptom: Any long website (scroll down several times until there is multiple pages viewed) will cause the page to skip around, randomly click stuff even if your hand is not on the trackpad.

Weird random graphical artifacting on mouseovers (will take pictures as soon as I can duplicate)

Anyone else notice this? I will try to video/photograph this happening the next time it happens (happens enough to be annoying but not enough for me to grab my phone in time)

Device: i7 V, 16gb RAM, 512gb SSD

@Richardxchen Hello!

Does this also happen with other browsers like Chrome or Edge?

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I’ve seen firefox do this with some webpages, and sometimes it can be fixed by simply updating firefox. If that doesn’t do it, try clearing the cache and temp files and that may help.

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