Weekly Tech Surveys Overview

Hi Community! After much collaboration with the the team (big shout out to @nawthor) I’m here to tell you about the plan we’ve ironed out for the idea I first described in this thread.

As you may have guessed from the title, at least initially, we plan to put out these polls on a weekly basis. We’ll monitor the activity and engagement levels going forward and tweak this if needed.

A couple of housekeeping items:

  • Some poll questions may be similar to topics that have been discussed in some way, shape, or form at some point in the past. These polls are not meant to invalidate those discussions or the points presented there; in fact, many of those discussions were inspiration for this idea. The community has gained many people and it will be great to hear from both new and long time members. That being said, we should also have plenty of original ideas to discuss!!!

  • These polls will in no way change the specs or design of the V. These decisions have been made for a while and it is far too late to make hardware changes now. However, it is possible that points made in discussions resulting from these polls could influence future Eve projects. And Eve(n) :grin: if they don’t, who doesn’t love a great opportunity to talk about exciting tech with a great community!

We’ll also be using this thread to aggregate all previous polls, so you don’t have to go hunting around to find previous ones! Only one poll will be open at a time; when a new one gets posted we’ll update this post accordingly and link to the new one as well.

Current Poll

Past Polls

Like this idea? Here are three ways to participate

  1. Vote in the weekly polls! Easy as :pie:
  2. Layout the rock-solid, indisputable reasoning for your vote in the corresponding discussion (in a respectful way, of course)
  3. Have an idea your just dying to poll the community on? Send me and @nawthor a message and we’ll see if we can’t add it to the list