Weekly Tech Survey Postponed/Feedback

Hey Community, just a quick heads up for those of you who were waiting for the Weekly tech survey today. I will put one out this week, but I’m going to delay it just a bit because of all the great discussions happening! (screen calibrations, SSD upgrades, and docking stations oh my!) Look for this week’s survey later this week.

For more info on the weekly tech surveys, check out Weekly Tech Surveys Overview


So unfortunately it looks like we actually aren’t going to have a poll this week, due to the polls issue in Discourse documented in https://dough.community/t/psa-polls-are-currently-offline/9904?u=skimaster. That being said, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this is going, possible ways we could improve it, or any ideas for future poll questions. I’ll change the title of the thread to reflect this

Considering polls are now back, feel free to push the weekly survey.

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