Weekly Tech Survey [29.08.17]

What’s up Community?

So I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. At first I wanted to layout a whole bunch of specs for a device and poll which ones would be more popular. But there were to many devices, too many specs, and to many polls that would be dependent on the results of other polls. So instead I thought: ‘What if I just polled on very specific tech questions?’ Then I thought, this could be something that is ongoing, sort of each day a new poll that the community can weigh in on.

A couple of disclaimers before the outcries begin:

  • I know some of the questions I plan on polling have been asked/debated before and many of those are actually what inspired me to create this thread. I feel it is OK to re-ask some of these or similar questions as the community has gained many new members in recent months, and I intend for these to be very specific questions, rather than open ended discussions.
  • None of the questions I poll are meant to change the specs of the V in any way. We are way to far down the road to start changing thing (I’m looking at you, people who ask for the new 8th gen processors (and you people who want to change the screen size after the housings have been made)). Though I suppose these polls could provide informative insights for whatever Eve makes next.

Alright, first one! Look for the next tomorrowish (can’t promise that there will be exactly one everyday)

What is your personal ideal phone screen size?

Edit: I forgot to add 5.8 (the S8’s size). If you would like that just vote 6

  • < 4in
  • 4 in
  • 4.3 in
  • 4.7 in
  • 5 in
  • 5.2 in
  • 5.5 in
  • 6 in
  • 6+ in

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If anyone has a question they really want to be the poll of the day, feel free to PM me. I have plenty of my own that I want to do but I’m more than willing to put up good suggestions!


I think this question is neglecting the different aspect ratios that are prevalent now since 2:1 are becoming commonplace.

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This poll is just about diagonal screen size, which, while not independent from aspect ratio in the development process, is it’s own spec that can be evaluated on it’s own.

But my answer, and I assume others are dependent on the ratio. It has to fit in my hands lol. Nexus 6 V Samsung s8.


I feel like this question changes a lot based on demographics. In much of China, it’s very popular to have as big a phone screen as possible. Other areas focus on portability or even how you intend to use the screen.

For instance, as an Android user, I like to get the largest phone screen that I can while still being able to hit the majority of it with my right thumb (with 9 inch hands, that makes my ideal screen about 6"). My work phone is an apple product, which means my back button on every app, webpage, and settings menu is way up in the top left corner, so for that I prefer to have less than 5" due to a bad OS, since I refuse to use my index finger.

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I hope there’ll be some more daily surveys (or probably split into different threads, depending on the topic of the survey) as this one has already been done in this ancient thread. :wink:

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I like this idea of little surveys, and I’m excited to see the results and the next questions! Great idea! :slight_smile:

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My answer is subject to the size of the bezels!

Nice idea btw :+1:


This is a very good idea. :clap:

However, I think it would more beneficial for all if:

  • Keep this thread only for the polls. This would mean only the author (and maybe team) can post/edit messages on this thread. This would mean any new message would be a poll. Easy to see when a new poll would be available and clutter free from what would be plenty of messages between each poll.
  • Create a new thread for discussing the polls (or create a new thread per poll) and link both accordingly. That way additional information can be shared and discussed without cluttering the poll thread, while still bringing all the benefits.

I believe this is an amazing way to engage the community as we wait for our Vs to hit the market.
Keep em’ coming :smiley:


Love this idea. Not quite sure how to do this, other than by asking people to not reply in this thread. I’ll create a new thread for discussing the polls when the next one comes out later today. If anyone or @Community_Experts knows how to do this, please pm me


Make one thread just for polls. Make another one for discussion. Problem solved.
And hope that people won’t comment on the one just meant for polls xD

I think the easiest solution would be to just create a new topic for each poll. That way no one should be confused about what they or anyone else are talking about, nor worry about posting somewhere they shouldn’t.

We could also create a new category dedicated to these daily (or however often they’ll appear after a while) discussions, but that is something the Communitrinity would have to discuss. I personally think it would be beneficial for the community to have stuff to discuss even in the absence of a project from Eve. (That is not to say that we should cut these out once the next project starts, community cultivation is always good.)

And I would appreciate it if you could send @ Team a message with the questions/ specs you have planned, and we can discuss how to handle this going forward.


Just a quick update everybody, I’m going to hold off on starting the next poll right now as I’m coordinating with the team to figure out the best way to organize this going forward, and it’ll be easier if we don’t already have stuff all over the place. Thanks for all the positive feedback, I’m excited for this going forward! And 116 votes on the first poll in 24hrs is great! Remember, if you have a poll question you’d like to submit for this pm me and if it’s good I’ll add it to the list.


Huge Factor would be the body to screen ratio. I have small hands and anything bigger than say Galaxy S6, is too big to use with one hand.

I find it funny how people using unwieldy 70mm wide phones already consider their hands “small”… I find my hand size about the average, and 65mm is barely small enough for me.

what phone do you use, 65mm would fit my hands better. I drew my limit @ 70mm which seems to be close to average give or take. Anything bigger than that is “funny”

I use Sony Xperia X Compact. A bit pricey, but it’s literally the only option, and I got it on discount. No complaints so far, except usb c (need a separate cable for it) and the volume buttons are in a very awkward position.

I use a Sony Xperia xz and that is like my z3 the biggest screen possible for me. That is 5.2 inches. What size would you prefer if a 4.6 size is barely big enough?

It’s barely small enough :slight_smile: I would prefer 4.3" or even 4.0", depending on the bezel size. Iphone SE size is absolutely PERFECT but I can’t describe how much I hate their software and their business model.

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