Weekly Tech Survey [16.11.17]

Welcome to the first weekly tech survey not posted on a Tuesday (I think) everybody!

This weeks question:

How do you prefer to game?

  • Comfort of a console!!!
  • Power of a PC!!!
  • I take it everywhere: Mobile!!! (phones/tablets)
  • Best of both worlds: Handheld!!! (Gameboy, DS, PS Vita, etc)
  • Gaming? What a waste of time!!!

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Remember to (respectfully) share your opinion below!!!

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You forgot my ideal setup: Eve V + eGPU :star_struck:

And as a contrast, my down-to-earth answer would have been “the power of 9-year old laptop”. As long as it can (barely) get Starcraft II going…

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I use a PC (Windows 10, Nvidia Pascal, etc.), but I play like it was a console (TV, sofa, controller, etc.). Technically I get the power of a PC at the comfort of a console. To which category do I fall under?


I guess you can just choose whichever you feel is more valuable to you, the comfort or the power

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Would be cool if multiple choice was possible.

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I’d normally choose the PC, but since I dont have space at my place for my tower, the console has to make due

I prefer the power of a PC, but I’m also a big fan of Zelda. So… :smiley:

In had to vote that it was a waste of time cause i don’t game at home, although I game from time to time with a friend. But I don’t care on which system we game as long as it’s called Worms :bug:


I have recently been playing a lot of Eternal Card game and absolutely love it on my V prototype. And I count this as a mobile game, even if it’s one I would only play extensively on a tablet or up. It’s playable on a phone, but I wouldn’t play any advanced decks on that.

But I still vote for PC, because however much I enjoy to play the odd game on “mobile” (read: the V), I still prefer the flexibility of the PC.

I know I am going somewhat off-topic with this, but I would recommend Eternal to anyone who likes card games like Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone. In gameplay it’s closer to Magic, but it is a digital game and it knows and embraces it. It also incredibly rewarding as a free to play player.


I’m an almost even split, but picked PC, because despite all my hours into my consoles, MMOs on PC just dominate so much that it can’t be ignored. Some other RPGs and sandbox games also bring up the numbers on the PC.

@Skimaster you forgot to put the option “no favorite, I play them all.” This where I would actually fall. I’ve put console (PS4) but I also game on my PC (i7 6700HQ 2.60, 16gb of ram and a GTX 1060), my cellphone and portable consoles (3DS- fire emblem and vita - persona 4 golden). I have no real favorite… and yes I play a lot. :grin:

I play video games rather rarely and am in a phase of being a bit mad at me because of the wasted time afterwards at the moment… I just don’t play enough for a machine dedicated to it, so when I do play a game, it’s on my laptop. That is no problem as I tend to prefer some small indie games that don’t require good graphics performance (the most demanding game I’ve played in the last 3 years was CS:GO). Though I did use to enjoy certain nintendo-exclusive games like Zelda… :sweat_smile:


I don’t usually play video games, as I find them to be a huge waste of time.

Lately though, I’ve been hooked on some iPad games which have peaked my interest. I’ve also been looking into maybe getting an XBOX One S, as my DVD player has bitten the dust, and it would be nice to have a futureproof Blu-ray player for my next device. (The Xbox One S is about the same cost as a traditional (trustworthy brand) Blu-ray player on some Black Friday deals).

I chose PC as it is my primary gaming platform, I do however rather enjoy my switch for both portable and at home gaming :grinning:

Well, I spent my whole life making games, but I don’t play them. At least not any more. I spent my youth on Pac-Man, Defender, Centepede, Donkey Kong, and the likes. I’m sure there are plenty of games out there that I might like, but I’m not willing to make the financial investment to find out.


Nawthor be carefull, they could flag it. :hushed::joy:

i’ll try that.
and i’m going to use your invite :wink:

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PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround !!


I kind of hold the same view on gaming. Though I just get bored of games mostly. But when I saw Doom 2016 I became a bit addicted. Addicted enough to play on a Nightmare.