Weekly Tech Survey [14.12.17]

In honor of the first V’s being received and more people being able to invest in a V through the flash sales, this weeks question…

What is your favorite feature of the V?

  • Keyboard has multi-color back-lighting and works over Bluetooth
  • Awesome I/O
  • Fanless design on a device that get reasonable performance
  • That screen tho…
  • Keyboard and Pen are included out of the box
  • Other (please comment what below)

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Because this is such a hard one, this weeks poll is multiple choice! Pick your two favorites!

And before everyone wastes a pick on other

Let’s just all acknowledge that perhaps the best thing about V is that we the people designed it, along with an awesome team of people at Eve. But for the sake of this poll/discussion, we’re just talking about the product itself.

As always, please respectfully share your thoughts and comments below.

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I feel like the only major ways this competes with the Surface line (other than price, which isn’t in the poll) is the awesome port selection. The screen is nice, being fanless is cool, Surface doesn’t really have any bloatware… and the BT multi-color keyboard is great but not a huge gain. The I/O really sets the V apart from similar devices.

I agree with most of your points, but I think that the keyboard having Bluetooth is a major point. It allows one to be more flexible with where the V can be used. For example, in a classroom/lecture hall with very small desks, the V can be placed on the desk and the keyboard on ones lap. This frees up space on the desk for other things.

A lot of reviewers never even mentioned the BT capability, but every single review praised the ports, mostly saying that was the best feature. You can buy BT keyboards that attach to the surface (not through pogo pins, always BT), so it’s not that exclusive.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome and I love it! But it really is more of a feature than a primary selling point.


Now that I finally have my hands on a production V, I must say that the thing I like most so far is the Fingerprint scanner. Though I’m probably quite biased as I have been using a V prototype these past couple of months and gotten used to having a good number of ports and a fanless design with great performance.


For the “Other” category:

My favorite thing is the number of ports! My first desktop computer had 8 USB ports, with the next computer (laptop) I had having 6, and the one after that 4.

I’m tired of having to buy MULTIPLE dongles for everything I need to do!
At least with the V, I feel like an effort was made to put as many ports as could possibly fit onto the device, while maintaining their usefulness!

  • I dont have to spend $1500+ to get 8 GB RAM
  • 99% compatible with Windows 8.1. The 1% consists of Fingerprint sensor and Gyroscope (not accelerometer)

I think this would fall under “Awesome I/O”

It might, but I was thinking of I/O as the speed ofdata transfer over the ports.

You’re probably right.

Given only two choices, I voted Screen and I/O, but I wanted to choose every option. For me, it ticks all the boxes :slight_smile: and I don’t even have one yet.
Though, from some reviews, it looks like I’ll have to wash my hands a lot more often and carry a microfiber cloth inside the case. (I got the mag-flap one)


The TB3 port to connect monitors while loading the device. Just one cable to plug in…